Home-Based Care Is Becoming Increasingly Popular

The covid-19 pandemic changed the way many people viewed the care services they use to take care of their loved ones. With increased concerns for those with prior health conditions or those over the age of 50, being at high risk for contracting the virus, families no longer knew the best course of action for their loved ones’ care. Some feared leaving their loved ones in senior living facilities, leaving them isolated. Meanwhile, others feared taking them home with them and risk further exposure. Either way, this pandemic made many families realize the importance of having a reliable home care agency to care for their loved ones during any condition.

Why A Home Care Agency?

Home-Based Care

If different circumstances prevent you from taking care of your loved ones, and nursing homes aren’t an option, here are three ways a home care agency can help:

  1. When you are unable to be there, home health aide experts can assist you. If you’re providing care from afar, home health care might give you peace of mind. Home health aide professionals are willing to put themselves at risk of caring for family’s loved ones while also ensuring the safety of their loved ones. They are trained, qualified, and ready to perform the necessary tasks to ensure that their patients are comfortable and happy with their care. 
  2. Home health aide professionals offer companionship to patients. Based on performed research, social engagement keeps aging individuals healthier. So during a crisis like the covid-19 pandemic, families can be less concerned about being socially distanced from their loved ones for an extended period. 
  3. A cost-effective alternative to institutional or hospital-based treatment. Not all families can afford to leave their loved ones in caring facilities that cost thousands of dollars, especially during a crisis like the pandemic when finances were tight. Home care agencies are a less expensive option to hospitals and nursing homes, allowing loved ones to stay in the comfort and security of their own homes.

E&S Home Care Solutions vs. Other Home Care Agencies 

Home-Based Care

E&S Home Care Solutions is rising in popularity. Unlike many other home care agencies, we still provided services to support families and their loved ones during the pandemic. We are an agency that prides itself on being both a reliable and accessible service to our customers at all times. So no matter the crisis, families can rely on E&S Home Care Solutions to be there to care for their loved ones.  

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