CHHA/CNA Licensure

Every New Jersey Certified Home Health Aide must renew his or her license every other year in November.

If your license has expired, then you should follow the few steps below and have it reinstated.

  • 1. You must take the Home Health Aide exam at an agency or school which regulated and approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing. You can call E&S Home Care Solutions Training Coordinator at 888-288-8826 to schedule a state-approved reinstatement exam.
  • 2. You must complete a Homemaker Home Health Aide Reinstatement Application and have the agency submit it to the NJ Board of Nursing with the appropriate fee.

If a Homemaker-Home Health Aide certification has been expired for more than five (5) years, the entire 76-hour Homemaker-Home Health Aide Training Program must be completed again.

You must make sure to complete the entire form and submit the copies of the required documents. A qualified, approved agency, that is authorized to administer the Home Health Aide exam and reinstatement submission, should be able to answer questions you may have about this process.

E&S Home Care Solutions and its partner E&S Academy are among the regulated, approved agencies administering the Home Health Aide examination as well as the reinstatement submission in New Jersey.

For more information, please call E&S Home Care Solutions Training Coordinator at 1-888-288-8826.  Depending on the situation, our training coordinators may transfer you to our admissions’ department at E&S Academy.