Certified Home Health Aides

Our Home Health Aide division is dedicated to providing all your home care needs.

Our goal is not only to provide outstanding service but also to reduce the stress, costs, and inconvenience of living in a long-term health care facility.

We achieve these goals by helping you or your loved ones with all the personal care and household tasks at the comfort of your natural environment ” at your home.”

Recent studies indicate that convalescence in a familiar environment may significantly expedite recovery and reduce levels of stress. E&S Home Health Aide Services are provided to our clients either in their private homes or long-term care assisted living facilities.

E&S Home Care Solutions collaborates with a variety of health care professionals to create a customized solution for each patient. As a provider committed to advancing patient care in New Jersey, E&S works to raise the standard of care through continual staff training, technology, up-to-date policies, and adherence to Best Practices established in the industry.

Compassionate care every day of the year.

E&S Home Care Solutions is an accredited, licensed and bonded home care agency providing affordable quality care to the people of New Jersey, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Our staff of experienced Registered Nurses and Home Health Aides delivers personalized patient care to children and adults whose independence has been compromised by health issues.

We customize our services provision plan based on your unique needs and in consideration of inputs obtained from you, your family members, social workers, and your doctor.

A Certified Home Health Aide is responsible for maintaining a safe and clean environment for the patient. In this way, the CHHA contributes to the patient’s well-being and comfort and facilitates an efficient and comfortable home setting that will contribute to health and healing.

Our Home Health Aide Services are supervised by a Registered Professional Nurse and include:

Holistic Care means care that addresses the whole person. No one enjoys the isolation that loss of independence creates. That is why our Home Health aides provide Companionship Care to all our patients, as decided in the Care Plan. While it is not unusual for patients to become fond of their Aides, a Home Health Aide provides companionship in the most professional manner to enable the client to participate more fully in his or her life. As a companion, the Home Health Aide may accompany the patient to doctor appointments, religious services, or social events, as needed. Our Home Health Aides can also assist in maintaining relationships with friends and relatives through mail and email, in creating memory books through photos and clippings, or in encouraging intellectual activities such as reading or film.

Our experienced personnel will encourage your loved one to follow a daily dress and hygiene routine in order to improve self esteem. Activities include any daily activity of self-care such as feeding, bathing, dressing and grooming.

We provide help in maintaining our clients’ home through performing light housekeeping duties such as cleaning , sweeping, vacuuming, dishwashing and laundry.

Our staff is trained to plan and prepare meals in accordance with your loved one’s unique dietary and nutritional needs.Our hiring and training process ensures that the quality of our caregivers by carefully screening and selecting the best candidates. Our rigorous screening process includes verification of professional, moral and character references, necessary licensure or certification, criminal background checks, work records and good health.

  • Companionship
  • Assistance with Activities of Daily Living
  • Housekeeping Tasks
  • Meal Preparation

Our staff is highly experienced and trained to provide optimum performance of the skills required. Our supervisors periodically monitor and ensure that our staff performs adequately and follows our agency policies, procedures, and philosophy of care. We value your feedback provided by your loved ones and through family members like you. We conduct periodic surveys to ensure optimum care is delivered and where necessary attention is required or requested, we provide additional training and direction. Our services are backed by professional liability and bonding insurance.

E&S Home Care Solutions employs a diverse staff of healthcare professionals to deliver quality services to non-English speakers. Currently, we are providing care to families speaking English, Spanish, Polish, Russian, French, Arabic and many more.

* Labor laws require that the Live-In Home Health Aides have sleep time, mealtime and free time. Room and board is the responsibility of the client as part of the service. Additional work, if required, may result in additional charges.

** For safety reasons, our Home Health Aides are not allowed to leave the client alone. Therefore, arrangements must be made and included in the Care Plan before the Aide can go out to do errands.

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