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I received home health aide services for my mom for 5 years until she passed away. The home health aide was more than what I could have ever asked for. Thank you to all the staff in and out of the office that was there to support my family.Jackie C.
My aunt’s hygiene is phenomenal and the house is well kept. Our aide works wonders. I am the only family that my aunt has and I am happy to see that she is well taken care of and living at hom thanks to the help of this agency. Keep up the good work. I know my aunt is a handful!!Dolores Stewart
I hear some good things about the agency. My mother just started getting help from them about 2 months ago. The coordinator is very attentive and the aide is a good fit. So, I recommend this agency over many from previous experienceJoshua l
My dad started getting home aide services for the first time. I was very surprised with how pleasant the care has been so far. The aide is a good fit for my Stubborn dad. I have heard bad stories of agencies but E & S has made me and my dad comfortable with accepting a home health aide. I recommend this agency so far.Jeff Dunham
after going through three other agencies, E&S proved to be very trustworthy. My dad received services for almost 2 years from this agency before he passed away. My dad got the chance to have the most comfortable and peaceful life living at home. I would highly recommend anyone who wants good care for their parents, to E & S Home Care.Jen Lindbergh

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