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My aunt’s hygiene is phenomenal and the house is well kept. Our aide works wonders. I am the only family that my aunt has and I am happy to see that she is well taken care of and living at hom thanks to the help of this agency. Keep up the good work. I know my aunt is a handful!!Dolores Stewart
Mom and dad are happy so I am happy. I don’t have to stop what I am doing to take care of Mom and dad because The aides are there and do more than what mom and dad needs (and I am the only child). Keep up the great work E & S!!Joanne Troupe
My dad started getting home aide services for the first time. I was very surprised with how pleasant the care has been so far. The aide is a good fit for my Stubborn dad. I have heard bad stories of agencies but E & S has made me and my dad comfortable with accepting a home health aide. I recommend this agency so far.Jeff Dunham
ABSOLUTELY LOVE this agency! My mom has been a client with E and S for over 3 years now. That aides that help my mom are the most professional that I have seen in a long time and her case coordinators are just amazing! Very polite, compassionate and patient even when I vent or talk them to death. They don’t lie and don’t look at my mom as a business deal like some of these scummy agencies out here nowadays. I can’t express my gratitude enough with the help and peace of mind that I have been and am still receiving from them. They became part of the family. I would give 10 stars if google had the option!Diane Randell
I am so grateful and so is my mother for all the help that this agency has given us. My family and I are very religious people and we pray everyday for the girls that care for my mother and we thank god everyday for leading us to this agency.Sheryl Fr

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