The Secrets to Creating Lifelong Friendships

Everyone knows about those friendships that last an entire lifetime that start when you’re a young toddler and stay strong to when you’re aging in a home care center. Friendships like these are not easy to maintain, but they are beautiful and make you happier throughout your life. While it may seem almost impossible to create and keep lifelong relationships, there are some tricks to keeping friends by your side as you age.


When you are honest and open with people, they will want to be the same way with you. When you and a friend are honest with each other, it creates a sense of trust and loyalty that is hard to destroy, making it perfect for lifelong friendships.

Show Appreciation

If you have a friend that you feel close with and appreciate, make sure they know that! Do things that will show them you are grateful for their friendship, whether it be by telling them explicitly or giving them a gift. If they feel appreciated, they will want to stay with you throughout your life.

Stay Connected

This might seem like an obvious one, but when you and a close friend go in different directions (which will most likely happen, unless you get the same exact job and have the same life plan), continue to make an effort to stay in touch. Just because you and a friend take different paths doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a strong relationship, so make time for each other!

Give Some Space

If you want someone to be in your life forever and there for you when you’re getting older, you have to make sure they don’t get sick of you. Make sure to give your friends some space and their own time, you don’t need to do absolutely everything with someone to have a long-term friendship.

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