Home Health Aide Jobs Continue to Be Available During the COVID-19 Crisis

It’s been a roller coaster ride for more than half of the year in the United States especially for jobs. The job market is increasing slowly, but surely. However, if there is one career that survived through the crisis, it was the home health aide position. Normally, when there is a recession, certain positions are put on hold or laid off due to their value and contribution. This wasn’t the case for the home health aide position. It was one of the only positions in the United States that increased during the shut down of the government and businesses.

Why Did Home Health Aide Jobs Increase?

The demand for it doesn’t change. During a crisis like this, nursing homes were unable to keep up with the amount of people who needed care. In turn, hospitals and medical facilities were overrun with patients. As patients were being discharged from hospitals, these patients required a special care treatment plan to ensure they wouldn’t return to the hospital. This is where home health aides and home care agencies came in handy. They became involved with post-care treatment of COVID-19 cases. Since nursing homes didn’t have the right amount of staff to assist each patient individually, many of them turned to home care agencies to assist with the dire need for caregivers.

Home Health Aides assisted nurse aides in nursing homes as there were certain states who permitted home health aides to care for patients within nursing homes. The short staffed dilemma created more job opportunities for home health aides.

Will Home Health Aide Jobs Continue to Increase?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! The profession has yet to struggle with the changing of times. It’s one of the few positions that won’t be threatened by artificial intelligence or robotics. Home Health Aide positions are not going anywhere. It’s a profession that continues to grow in demand and lasts through the tests of time. Coincidentally, it’s a profession that provides many people with an outlet for career growth and development. This is why it’s becoming increasingly popular among people.

With an aging population, more families are requesting their loved ones to stay at home. Furthermore, more baby boomers are enjoying the independence and treatment care plans they receive at home. The advantages are endless to both employees searching for work and for patients who require care.

What Can You Do?

It depends on you. Are you searching for work that is flexible? Do you want a job that doesn’t disappear at any given time? This is what you are searching for then. Home Health Aide courses are relatively inexpensive and are quick too. As more of our training facilities are becoming digitized, courses can be taken online. I’d recommend searching for an online certified home health aide course near you. The amount of hours you need to complete depends on the state too. There is a basic minimum requirement that states need for home health aides to be certified. You should check with your local home health aide training academies to see when they offer it.

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