How to Avoid the Loneliness Epidemic

Who would have thought that COVID-19 would effect every aspect of our lives. Sadly, the one aspect of COVID-19 that many media channels have overlooked is the loneliness epidemic. The loneliness among Americans has skyrocketed since the start of the quarantine. This is partially due to the limited accessibility to populated areas. 4

For some, being a part of a group is essential for their mental health. Since the shut down of the government and society, there has been a silent epidemic causing problems for older Americans and the general population. This epidemic is called loneliness.

Loneliness is Deadly

What some may not realize is that loneliness can be as deadly as smoking and alcohol overtime. Loneliness is defined by researchers as feeling lonely for a week. We’ve had the complete shut down of the government for the past 3 months. These people who are lonely are those who may desire to have human contact, but do not have access to it. Mentally, while there are some who don’t need as much human contact, humans in general are social beings. Tragically, not all citizens have access to care at home or families that are available to assist them in their day to day needs.

Don’t Feel Bad About Needing Love

As a society, many of us let our pride stand in the way. We need love. This is as important as anything else in our lives. To admit that your lonely, is seen as a socially unacceptable concern. This is the reality for most. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t be. The need to be surrounded by people is innate. It’s built into our biology. It can’t be escaped. A good solution to the problem currently is home care. Home care services provide families and seniors the chance of receiving human contact. The consideration and compassionate care is why millions of people are contracting home care services.

Home Care Services are the Go-To

Home care services are the go-to for families. This is due to the benefits associated with it. Since the start of the epidemic, more medical centers contracted home care agencies to assist them with discharged patients. Their one fear was family members leaving them alone or without care. As a result, more home care agencies witnessed a growth in-demand for caregivers. This is indicates that more families are confident about receiving home care despite the COVID-19 crisis. Additionally, families don’t want to leave their loved ones alone, yet want them to be safe. In other words, if you’re worried about the possibility of contracting the virus, these concerns should be eased. Home care is the safest route to go to for families.

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