Wall Street Journal Agrees. Home Care Can Help You Feel Better.

Maya Angelou once said that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. This is the case with home care services. There are more people switching to home care services because of its reliability. After the COVID-19 crisis struck, fear came with it. The most vulnerable population, the seniors, were hit the hardest because the lack of preparedness nursing homes had. Nevertheless, there are alternatives to being fearful. While not all nursing homes are ill-prepared, home care agencies are constantly ready for emergency situations. It’s far less risk to have one-on-one care than it is to be in a group.

Home Care Services Focus on the Individual Patient

The reason why many people are swapping their preferred care to home care services is because home care focuses on the individual patient. This means that a plan-of-care is prepared for the patient. Additionally, families can request at what times they’d prefer their loved one to be looked after. If a family requires care or attention 24-7, this is available with a live-in. A live-in home health aide ensures that the patient is being looked after throughout the day and sometimes during odd hours. This is another reason families are choosing home care. It’s because of the flexibility and how it makes patients feel. They don’t feel like a number. Their treated as an individual with their personal needs.

How You Feel Matters

Whether you need assistance with bathing, meal prep, dressing, or you require companionship, home health aides can give a patient the help they need. There are patients who require more independence than others. The home health aide acts a personal aide who is there only when needed. I’ve seen patients build strong bonds with their companions which helped their overall mental heath. This is why more doctors are prescribing home care services for patients. It makes them feel like they’re being looked after and at the comfort of their home.

Wall Street Journal Agrees

The reality is that most major news articles are beginning to realize the value Home Care Services bring. There are millions of families in America depending on home care services. Despite the perceived risk, home care agencies have taken extra precaution in ensuring their patients are safe. Along with the nurses and doctors, home health aides are battling the COVID-19 crisis on the front lines. They assist patients, who otherwise can’t fend for themselves, receive the appropriate care.

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