“Without You We Would Be Lost,” More Doctors are Referring Patients to Home Care Agencies

Who would have thought that home care agencies would step up in a big way during the COVID-19 Crisis? The home care agency industry has seen a boom and an increase in-demand for over a decade. However, the real test to its value came during the COVID-19 crisis. Genuinely, there were concerns that the health care system would be overwhelmed by the amount of people who’d need treatment at a single time. The nationwide health care system had a valid concern. Would our health care system collapse by the demand?

What made a difference included the additional support that home care agencies added to the health care systems. Doctors and hospitals turned to home care agencies to assist with patients. It acted like a secret line of defense against the invisible enemy.

Home Care Agencies Act as an Additional Support

Home care agencies prepared for the possibility of families losing interest in home care agencies because of the COVID-19. The opposite happened. As nursing home facilities crumbled because of the lack of staffing, they turned to home care agencies to assist in discharging patients to their homes to receive proper care.

The home care agency industry became the unsung hero of the battle on the front-lines. As more families opted to remove their loved ones from nursing homes to at home care, home care agencies provided unwavering support to providing them quality care at a one-on-one need.

Families are Requesting Home Care Services Now More Than Ever

To be honest, we were surprised by the reaction by families. We thought that they’d be worried about their loved ones contracting COVID-19. The concern wasn’t on the virus, but on their loved ones receiving the proper care. As families were impacted by the quarantine and forced to stay home, they may not have been properly equipped to take care of their loved ones as needed.

It’s almost like a boom happened. There were more families demanding to have care and safely too! This is where home care agencies came in. In this crisis, the home care industry boomed because of the support they offer families.

Without You We Would Be Lost

Our families at our home care agency are grateful for the care they’ve received. They see it as a relief during the crisis. It’s an additional aid that they can count on. In most cases, some consider the home health aide as an intricate part of their family. “Without you, we would be lost,” as some would say during this situation. We are glad we were able to provide a source of light to the lives of many.

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