I’m Worried: Can I Trust a Home Health Aide to Come to My Home? Absolutely, You Can.

The most common question I receive on a daily basis is how safe is it to acquire a home health aide to come to my home during the COVID-19 crisis. It’s difficult for some people to see a stranger, or in this case, a home health aide, visiting their home to care for someone they love.

It’s normal to feel worried. I totally get it. However, take it from someone who has two family members who use home health aides currently. It’s safe. You can absolutely trust that a home care agency has your best interest a heart. They gain nothing out of sending someone sick to your home!

Incidents are Low

Similarly, confidence in a home care agency should be high. Definitely, the incidents are low. Home care agencies are ready for situations and incidents that can happen at any moment. With a solid team, home care agencies go through vigorous inspections to prepare for the worst. As more home care agencies embrace the safety precautions, they ensure their staff is informed on the situation including the home care workers and nurses that visit homes.

Precautions are at an All-Time High

The precautions are at an all-time high. There are more standard procedures added and updated for home health workers to assist families in need. This means that home care agencies are compliant with government changes. Additionally, nursing homes are limited whereas a home care agency can switch on the whim. As for safety changes, home care agencies adapt and update to the change to meet government guidelines.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry

It’s hard not to be worried about your family. The purpose of me writing this post was to reassure those concerns. The major reason why you shouldn’t worry is that millions of families continue contacting home care agencies to help their families in need. I’ve seen firsthand the type of precautionary measures with the purpose of keeping everyone safe. If a family member is sick or an employee is ill with the COVID-19, there are screenings in place that protect both parties from contracting the virus.

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