Are You Stuck at Home? Home Care Jobs Are Recession-Free

Are you stuck at home? Are you searching for something to do? Have you considered the possibility of changing your career? These are good questions to ask yourself. It may be cool for awhile to stay at home and do nothing. Who doesn’t like that? However, after awhile, you’ll start to get bored. The stay-at-home order is awesome for keeping people safe, but afterwards, eventually, we will need to go back to work.

Home Care Jobs are Recession Free

You may have heard this phrase before. The Home Care agency is recession free for employment. What does this mean? It means that when things are tough with the economy the job itself won’t lose its value in society. You’ll always have a job available to you. There are certain industries where jobs can fluctuate depending on the economy and how society is doing. This isn’t the case for home health care services. As long as there are people, it will have its need in society.

Flexible Hours and FT/PT Hours

There are full time and part time hours available at home care agencies along with flexible hours. If you’re a parent at home, who can’t leave the house because you have kids, you can choose your schedule to ensure that you can spend time with your kids and continue to earn some money. It’s one of the positive aspects of being able to have a flexible schedule. As a home health aide, you have the capability of choosing your work hours. This is why it’s one of the biggest industries for employment.

The Pay Isn’t That Bad

You may have heard rumors that the pay isn’t that great. It’s quite the contradiction. Home Health Aides can earn, depending on the state they are in, anywhere from $11 to $18 per hour. This isn’t bad at all. If you take into consideration the other advantages they have including flexible hours and the amount of training they require, it’s a good deal. Home Health Aides can have access to full-time benefits. Additionally, there are home care agencies who offer incentives and bonuses along with the hourly rate. It’s pretty good if you ask me.

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