It’s a Bright Future for Home Health Care

It’s a Bright Future for Home Health Care

It’s a Bright Future for Home Health Care

Do you need employment?  Are you searching for care at home services?  Did your loved one recently leave the hospital?  These are a number of questions that are answered on a daily by the home health care industry.  The home health aide sector provides a number of resources to the communities that are overlooked.  Recently, more and more people have discovered the benefits of having a local home care agency.

Employment is Not a Problem

Home care agencies are a driving force for employment.  You would assume that caregiving companies are focused on only medical health workers.  The reality is they are centered around a number of positions.  For instance, home care agencies need marketing, accounting, business leaders, and additional professionals.  While these positions are always in demand for home health care, there is a need for home health aide workers too.  If you are on the verge of graduating high school or would prefer not to waste your time in college, becoming a home health aide is a great start.

Home Health Services 

Hospitals and medical centers use home health services because they are proven effective.  It is a fact.  Elderly and seniors have an increased chance of improvement when they are given medical care at home.  It’s because there is no better place than at home.  Honestly, technology has advanced to the point that most home care agencies are becoming the main point of contact for recovery treatment.  There is no brighter future than in the home health aide services sector.

Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

Be The Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

You can be the reason teddy can stay home today.  It is proven that Home Care services are at the top of necessities from Baby Boomers and older generations.  They want to stay at home because home care improves functionality, independence, and psychological needs that a patient needs during the time of recovery.  There is no reason to receive care at a hospital where it can be depressing and most often expensive!

How to Apply

Teddy can stay home by having qualified Home Health Aides to care for his family members.  If you want to apply for our Certified Home Health Aide position, you can contact our team at 888-288-8826 or fill out an online application. 

Reasons to Apply

  • Excellent working conditions
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Ongoing cases
  • Training advancements
  • Supportive team
  • Reputable organization
  • Growing company

You can make a difference today.  We want you to join our team and together we can improve the world day by day.

Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related

We have heard the phrase “health is important.”   Health, before money, is the number one concern on most people’s minds.  The reason is that without health it is hard to accomplish our goals or dreams.  In other words, it is our health that provides us with the foundation to pursue our needs.   Money can buy us resources, but it cannot always purchase a clean slate of health.

How does our home impact our health?  Health and home care are related because one cannot exist without the other.  It is a symbiotic relationship that coexists and that researchers have looked into.  Doctors recommend home care services because they understand the value it brings to society and to the patients in need of it.

Home is Where the Heart Is 

Home is where the heart is.  We spend a large portion of our lives at home.  When we are at the point of retirement, for the most part, our homes are a source of happiness and independence.  Home care helps, our loved ones, feel independent and safe.  It is no fun spending time at the hospital, and it is expensive too.

Home Care Avoids Stressful Situations

A caregiver ensures that your loved one receives the best type of care.  Families can have a peace of mind in knowing their loved one is in safe hands.  Caregivers are trained to handle most situations.  With hectic work schedules and on the constant movie, a full-time caregiver can provide families the benefit of not feeling selfish for leaving someone at home alone.  Furthermore, a loved one will feel more independent without you around.

It is Affordable and Effective 

Home care is affordable and effective.  How affordable are home care services?  A professional caregiver costs less per hour than a nursing home.  In addition, home care agencies do everything from finding the right caregiver for you, screening them,  ensuring they have the proper attitude, and they are the right fit for your family.  This means if something goes wrong your family will not be responsible for it.

Caregiving has proven to be effective.  Doctors continue to recommend home care services to discharge patients due to the increased health benefits it serves.  It works because family members feel comfortable at home with familiar surroundings.  For patients suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers, being in the comfort of the home, allows them to rehabilitate in a safe location without the stress of feeling lost or confused.

Health and home are correlated.  In the next ten years, more hospitals and medical facilities will find methods to offer care to those at home.  It makes a big difference that sometimes goes unnoticed.  If you know a loved one who is in need of care, home care services are a step towards the right direction. 

National Shortage of Home Health Aides and Who to Go To

National Shortage of Home Health Aides and Who to Go To

National Shortage of Home Health Aides and Who to Go To

You may or may not have heard of the shortage there is for Home Health Aides in the United States.  Home care is increasingly becoming the number one option for loved ones for care.  We can put the advantages of home care aside and concentrate on what you can do to find the right Home Health Aide for your family.

National Shortage of Home Health Aides 

The crisis is real.  Families can wait for weeks to receive a Home Health Aide due to ot the shortage.  Home Health Aides may work more than forty hours a week to sustain the shortage.  Realistically, Home Health Aides are passionate about what they do.  It is not easy, yet they do it with pride.  The national shortage of Home Health Aides is a problem for medical facilities too that rely on home care services to provide aftercare for their patients.  Home care is less expensive and the results are better.

Who to Go To

It’s not all bad news though.  Agencies are not created equally.  Unfortunately, there are agencies who run without accreditation or are lacking in staffing for Home Health Aides.  These agencies rely on outside sources.  Now that you know there is a shortage of Home Health Aides.  There are home care agencies that are equipped with the right tools and are prepared for the crisis.  For instance, agencies who train their staff are more likely to have Home Health Aides available.