National Shortage of Home Health Aides and Who to Go To

National Shortage of Home Health Aides and Who to Go To

You may or may not have heard of the shortage there is for Home Health Aides in the United States.  Home care is increasingly becoming the number one option for loved ones for care.  We can put the advantages of home care aside and concentrate on what you can do to find the right Home Health Aide for your family.

National Shortage of Home Health Aides 

The crisis is real.  Families can wait for weeks to receive a Home Health Aide due to ot the shortage.  Home Health Aides may work more than forty hours a week to sustain the shortage.  Realistically, Home Health Aides are passionate about what they do.  It is not easy, yet they do it with pride.  The national shortage of Home Health Aides is a problem for medical facilities too that rely on home care services to provide aftercare for their patients.  Home care is less expensive and the results are better.

Who to Go To

It’s not all bad news though.  Agencies are not created equally.  Unfortunately, there are agencies who run without accreditation or are lacking in staffing for Home Health Aides.  These agencies rely on outside sources.  Now that you know there is a shortage of Home Health Aides.  There are home care agencies that are equipped with the right tools and are prepared for the crisis.  For instance, agencies who train their staff are more likely to have Home Health Aides available.

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