4 Ways to Open Up a Conversation About Home Care

Some topics can be difficult to discuss with family. One topic that can be particularly challenging is home care. Home Care is perhaps one of the best options available for aging seniors and adults with disabilities. However, for someone in their 60s and older, it is not an easy topic to address.

This is because many people have misunderstandings about home care. Even though it is the best options, they assume it’s a sign of feebleness, a loss of their independence or autonomy, or even that it is the end of their life. None of those things need to be the case for home care to be an asset. If you are struggling to start a conversation about home care, here are four things to keep in mind.

Gather Information

I’m sure this sounds like a given but you need to thoroughly research home care. You should meet with an agency, and discuss your questions, and concerns and have receive direct answers, you may find yourself misinformed. You can find a lot of information online; however, it is not all effective, or accurate. The most effective way to gather information on home care is to speak directly to an agency. By doing so you will dispel any myths or misconnections the senior may have.

Know Your Seniors Challenges

Whether it be your spouse, parents, grandparent or a friend make note of the areas they struggle in. Perhaps they had a fall mishap, or you notice them struggling to get out of a chair, make a note of it. This isn’t to accuse or make them feel bad, but to highlight the issue they are having. They may feel as though it is only minor, however by addressing it you are making a point that this could be a significant problem.

Make Time to Talk

The topic of home care is often one people want to avoid. Additionally, home care is suddenly just sprung on a senior at dinner or if you just drop in on them out of the blue, to talk about home care they may become defensive. Alternatively, you should schedule a sit-down time to talk, that way they can be prepare. Let your senior know what you wish to speak about to it is not a surprise to them. By doing so you will be able to give them your input while also gauging their response.


Listening is often overlooked in communication. You may feel that home care is the best option available, but the senior may have concerns, doubts, and even fears. If you’re not listening you might miss valuable insight that can lead you to more successfully convince them to consider home care.

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