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Being Kind Helps Improve Overall Health

Being Kind Helps Improve Overall Health

It is the most wonderful time of the year.  Despite the cold temperatures and the white flakes that we like to call snow, it is this time of year that is known for random acts of kindness.  The kindness shown to others have been known to improve overall health.  Studies show that people, who are generally kind to others especially in the home health care industry, have higher self-esteem and are happier with their lives.

The holidays bring families together.  The moral values of kindness and giving is a tradition that is constantly expressed through various forms of what is perceived as kindness.

The truth is kindness in medical matters.   When patients are ill or feeling discomfort, feelings of being looked after can increase their healing.   Ninety-percent of patients would switch doctors or home care facilities if they were treated unkindly.  Furthermore, eighty percent of patients would pay more for kinder care.  Additionally, caregivers need to understand how to connect on a personal level.

Home Health Aides are at the seventy percentile when it comes to providing a personal level care that is unprecedented to other health care workers.  The statistics show that when patients experience feelings of comfort, they can fully focus on healing.  Although Americans may not see the value in kindness, eighty-eight percent of patients feel that being kind is a treatment that is vital to their health. 

When considering what is important for your health, consider the people around you. Do they make you feel happy?  Are they there to support you twenty-four seven?  Can you feel safe around them?  These are valid questions that can improve your health.

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A History of Heroes…Thank You Veterans

A History of Heroes…Thank You Veterans

There is a historical respect that heroes deserve.  These are real heroes.  They are people who thought of the future. For generations, the United States of America has been a land of freedom and opportunity.  Despite the imperfections, our country may have, one undeniable truth remains the same.  There are heroes that have stepped forward to protect this wonderful nation.  Their sacrifices are an impossible gift we can never repay them.  We remember them.  We remember them through the good times and the dark times.

As I write this post today, I spread the care and joy that our veterans need. We want to thank you for your sacrifices.  At the E & S family, you are in our hearts and your minds forever.  Your legacies will carry on.

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Home Care Works if You Manage Your Care Services Properly

Home Care Works if You Manage Your Care Services Properly

Does Home Health Aide services work?  This is a question you might ask yourself when in the market for a caregiver for either your loved one or yourself.  The answer is that home care works if you manage your care services properly. The number one rule you want to abide by are the regulations associated with home care services.

Can I Hire a Home Health Aide without an Agency?

The answer is yes.  You can hire a home health aide without an agency.  However, the downside is that you will be responsible for the Home Health Aide during an injury or a problem.  You will need to protect yourself from the potential lawsuit.  It can be a risky situation if you don’t hire the right individual.  Home Care agencies take care of the messy situations without you being involved.

Why Should I Go Through an Agency?

The advantage of an agency is that you don’t have to worry about the problems that can happen if you’re not careful.  Home care agencies are as affordable as if you were to hire someone directly out of pocket.  In addition, you get the peace of mind that you will be taken care of if something were to happen.  Why go through the hassle when the solution is available to you?

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Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

Be the Reason Teddy Can Stay Home

You can be the reason teddy can stay home today.  It is proven that Home Care services are at the top of necessities from Baby Boomers and older generations.  They want to stay at home because home care improves functionality, independence, and psychological needs that a patient needs during the time of recovery.  There is no reason to receive care at a hospital where it can be depressing and most often expensive!

How to Apply

Teddy can stay home by having qualified Home Health Aides to care for his family members.  If you want to apply for our Certified Home Health Aide position, you can contact our team at 888-288-8826 or fill out an online application. 

Reasons to Apply

  • Excellent working conditions
  • Positive atmosphere
  • Ongoing cases
  • Training advancements
  • Supportive team
  • Reputable organization
  • Growing company

You can make a difference today.  We want you to join our team and together we can improve the world day by day.

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Home Care for You

Home Care for You


people-527647_960_720.jpgI know what you might be thinking.  How can home care be for you?  How can home care be for me?  Why am I reading this right now?  I will give you a moment to process it, and then tell you why.  Home care is relatable to millions of family households.  Eventually, home care will be the future of how hospitals and healthcare facilities treat their patients.

Science and Economics Are Important 

Scientifically, it makes more sense to treat people at home than at a facility.  Economically, it is cost effective. Doctors recommend patients to have care at home because the familiar surroundings can help them recover quicker.  There are millions of dollars spent on home care improvements yearly because of the proven benefits.  In addition, baby boomers have set the trend of what health care should be.  Patients desire to be at home and live independently.  Home care is in-demand.  I don’t blame them.

How is Home Care For Me?

You may not have any health risks or problems with your capability to live independently, but you may know someone who could use an extra hand.  Have you wondered what is the right care for you? Is there a better way to care for my loved ones while I am at work?  There definitely is!  You can find out more information about home care by calling 888-288-8826 today.