The Pros and Cons of Home Health Care

Aging is a part of every person’s life; however, it can be more difficult for some. As a result, many become ill and need to be hospitalized. Fortunately, moving into a nursing facility is not the only option for seniors. Today, home health care is the preferred method of care among seniors. For this reason, the home health care industry is on the rise.

With home health care on the rise you may be wondering what are the pros and cons of this care?

Pros of Home Care

Families are more involved – when a home health aide or other medical professional visits, family members can be present. Because their loved ones are at home, they do not have to wait for visiting hours of a facility.

One on one care– Receiving home health care means that patients received one on one care. The home health aide is focused only on the care of their single patient.

Patients have more independence – for many seniors having to leave their home to move into a facility is devasting. However, with home care they receive care from their own home and can still make their own decisions.

Easier on those who are immobile – for home care patients who have mobility problems it can be hard to have to go from place to place for care. With home health care patients can receive all medical care from home, even physical therapy.

Home Care is the safest option – Due to COVID-19 many seniors in facilities have contracted and passed away from the virus. Home care restricts your exposure to the virus by limiting your contact to a single person, your aide. Aides see one patient excluding to limit their own exposure.

Cons of Home Care

Increased Stress – Although many seniors feel most comfortable at home, the outside influences can be straining. They may feel as though they are losing their independence.

Less Structure – While home care allows for patients to remain independent, it does not have the structure of a facility. Facilities have a schedule that they follow day to day which ensures the patients are constantly getting what they need.

 Some restrictions – Because patients are receiving care at home, they are limited to the equipment they may need for physical therapy.

Home health care has its pros and cons, but it is still one of the best options for senior care. Finding the right care for you or your loved ones can be challenging. For the best possible home care consider working with a home care agency to assist you in your time of need.