Why Choose to Become A Certified Home Health Aide?

There are a variety of medical careers you can choose from. All have advantages and disadvantages to them. Medical careers are trending because it provides you a secure job outlook. It also provides the experience and helps out the elders with their daily life.

Short and Sweet

You should consider becoming a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) not only because the secure job outlook and experience, but also it is one of the shortest and easy to follow courses and procedures to getting your license. Our CHHA course is only 3 to 4 weeks long and only cost $400! Our CHHA course is both online and in class. Not only you can go in your pace of learning the course online but also practice with a qualified instructor. After passing the exam, we will help you go through the beginning procedures to getting your license and then tell you what the next steps afterwards. Within time, you will be able to get your license with the help of the NJ Board of Nursing. After you get your license, you can get a job anywhere even with us! We offer employment opportunities for any CHHA who are interested in working with us. These are the reasons why choosing to become a CHHA is short, convenient and easy to follow.

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