Is Home Care or Assisted Living the Better Choice for You?

We all experience difficulties as we age. For some living alone with out assistance is not an option. Families will often turn to nursing homes to care for their loved one. However, recently in-home care and assisted living have become more popular. In-home care and assisted living are similar care options. It can be hard to choose which option is best for you or your loved one.

In-Home Care

In-home care is a care that is provided at home by a certified home health aide or other medical professional such as a registered nurse, companions, etc. This option is a favorite among seniors as they can remain in their own home. Some of the tasks your caregiver will provide are assisting with dressing, feeding, and using the bathroom, medication reminders, driving to appointments and more depending on the patient’s needs. Home care also allows patients and their families to customize their care plan much more than that of an assisted living facility.

Pros of Home Care:

  • Patients receive personalized one-on-one care with their designated caregiver
  • Home care is much more affordable than a facility
  • You or your loved one can remain at homes
  • Patients and their families can meet and interview caregivers before hiring
  • Patients build a bond between them and their caregiver
  • Family members can visit whenever and do not have to wait for visiting hours of a facility because they are at home
  • Can receive 24/7 live-in care

Cons of In-Home Care:

  • Will need back up care when your caregiver needs a day off
  • Patients have less social interaction
  • It can be hard finding the right caregiver to fit your needs
  • Can be expensive depending on the care you need

Assisted Living

Assisted living is a housing facility for elderly or disabled people. In assisted living they provide nursing care, house keeping and prepared meals. This type of care differs from in-home care in that it is not one-on-one care.

Pros of Assisted Living:

  • Patients receive 24/7 care
  • Family members do not have to provide care for their loved ones
  • Patients can take part in activities and social events in the facility

Cons of Assisted Living:

  • Patients do not receive one-on-one care
  • Seniors are moved from their homes
  • Some patients do not enjoy the social time with other residents
  • Cost of care is higher than home care
  • You can be asked to leave the facility and sometimes with out much notice

Now that you have learned the pros and cons of each option it is important to keep in mind the cost. In-home care and assisted living tend to be around the same price monthly depending on the care you need. You also want to keep in mind what medical conditions you or your loved one has. Will you require 24/7 medical care? Do you only need assistance with walking and household chores? These are some great questions that will help you choose which is the best option for you.

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