What Questions to Ask Home Care Agencies in 2020

The world has changed in 2020. What we used to think was safe is no longer considered safe. I don’t think anyone expected the change to be rapid and terrifying. Realistically, we expected 2020 to be the best year and a start to a new decade. Unfortunately, there are situations in life we can’t control. In this case, COVID-19 has changed the perception of health care. There are families that are scared. I can understand the fear.

In addition to more people seeking healthcare advice, families in groups have opted for home care services. It’s a tragedy of what occurred in nursing homes. The lives of everyone lost can’t be returned. The grief families are experiencing across the globe is heart breaking. As badly as we wish we could change the course of events, there’s nothing we can do accept be considerate of those who lost their lives by remembering that we are in a pandemic. There is a high demand for home care services because of the amount of those who need care.

I decided to create a short list of questions that are good indications that the home care agency you are working with is prepared for COVID-19. This list can assist you in finding the right home care agency for your loved one’s needs.

Questions to Ask:

  • How prepared are you to handle a crisis situation?
  • How do you screen applicants?
  • What are the most updated guidelines for COVID-19 and home care services?
  • Has your agency encountered COVID-19 patients? What were the precautions you took?
  • Has your agency had any incidents with COVID-19?
  • What is the chain of command?
  • Are there remote services?
  • How long has your home agency been around?
  • What are the procedures of acquiring home health aides?
  • What protective equipment do your home health aides wear?

It might be tedious, but it’s important to ask these questions. It’s because not all home care agencies are created equal. The majority of home care agencies are good. It’s the answers that they give that will let you know if they are the right fit for what you are looking for. These are common questions that will reassure you that you’re making the right decision. The home care industry is booming because it is the safest option for your loved one especially if they need around-the-clock care.

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