The Right Place to Find a Home Health Aide

The demand for home care is expected to boom with the number of families in interested receiving care at home. The older Americans’ prefer aging in place. In addition, with the impact of COVID-19 on nursing homes and other congregate living facilities where infections have been rampant, it is obvious that home care agencies are the go to for assisting older Americans with the appropriate care.

There are hundreds of home care agencies throughout the United States, but not all of them are created equally. The struggle most Americans encounter is that finding the right home care isn’t always easy in part because of a labor shortage. Nationally, there are 2.3 million home care workers providing care to about 4.7 million seniors and adults with disabilities.

Coincidentally, by 2026 the home care industry will need to fill 4.2 jobs manually. Nevertheless, there are home care agencies who boast having an excellent recruiting them that can help you find the right home care quickly and painlessly.

Home Care Agencies with Home Health Aide Training Facilities

Home care agencies with home health aide training facilities do not encounter the same situation that other home care agencies might when finding the right home care for your family. With a larger pool of home health aides who are dedicated to the home care agency, you’ll find these type of home care agencies are ready to find you the right home health aides quicker. Partially, this is due to their consistency in being able to recruit home health aides. The better the recruiting them the more likely you’ll find the right person to take care of your loved one. Though there are home care agencies who are franchises and larger in size, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have a nice pool of home health aides to choose from.

For instance, they may acquire their home health aides through 3rd parties sources. It’s usually the smaller home care agencies with training facilities that are better equipped in finding you the right home health aide. This is because they have closer contact with their employees.

Find Holistic Home Care Agencies

The term holistic means encompassing the whole thing and not just this part. A home care agency who trains, recruits, and offers home care services provide an all-around service that can accommodate most needs. In other words, they go through the cycle and understand the process of what makes a valuable caregiver. If you are considering searching for a home health aide for your loved one, consider searching for home care agencies who have the term “holistic” somewhere on their brochure. Typically, these are quality home care agencies with your best interest at heart.

Finally, whatever you decide to do, home care services are the new in for caring for your family members.

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