More Demand for Home Care During Corona Virus Crisis

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the demand for home care has increased during the Corona Virus crisis. While some industries have reported a decline, the home care industry is not one of them. In addition to assisting the nursing homes and hospitals, home care services have become an elaborate part of the recovery process. After being at a hospital or a nursing home, patients may need additional care at home including oxygen, monitoring vital signs, medication reminder, and eating. These home care professionals show how crucial the industry is.

Nevertheless, it provides life saving services to people who are vulnerable while keeping them safe in their home.

Patients Being Cared For

Currently, our organization has assisted more than 200 different patients during the Corona Virus in the state of NJ with home care services. Once they leave the hospital, families are searching for the extra help with patients. The workers have adapted to the pandemic, learning new protocols, and following the PPE requirements provided by the state of NJ. In other words, home care agencies have become the forefront of the medical industry when taking care of the most vulnerable and those in desperate need of care.

What is concerning is the lack of public knowledge on home care agencies. Unfortunately, while the home care agency’s growth is steady, families continue to ignore the benefits because of their fear of inviting a stranger to their home. Coincidentally, there are fewer incidents in the home care industry than there are any where else mainly due to the fact that home health aides are a one-on-one encounter. Normally, they may tend only one patient and be with that patient for the entire weak versus nursing homes where exposure is high. The chances of contracting the virus or succumbing to a health danger are slim. Home care agencies throughout the state of New Jersey are taking extra precautions.

What Do Home Health Aides Do?

Home care includes a broad range of medical and personal service for people who need assistance in the home. It can help with daily living needs. Essentially, home health aides work as medical professionals. They’re trained and follow procedures. In the state of New Jersey, home health aides go through a vigorous training session and are required to complete in-services yearly. These in-services give up-to-date information. The home care agency industry is heavily regulated and standardized to secure the safety of patients.

The families searching for home care services can feel positive about their decision of choosing home care services. I’d recommend looking into home care agencies that offer training services too because they can guarantee that their home health aides are well screened.

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