How Home Care Agencies are Keeping Up With Demand

It hasn’t been easy with the COVID-19 crisis. However, home care agencies across the United States are performing miracles. The teams deserve more credit than I hear on the news. It’s one of those situations where you have to go through it to really appreciate what they endure day in and day out . As a team, the medical staff at home are agency work together to ensure that the most needed patients have proper care.

There are patients who may not have a support system at home. This is where the home care agency comes to play. Home health aides are scheduled and assigned to give that additional care to those who are vulnerable. It hasn’t been easy with the fear that there is. I can’t blame them . Nevertheless, medical teams and home health aides are courageously combating the situation with safety precautions.

Taking Additional Precautions

Home care agencies are taking additional precautions by following the CDC guidelines. In addition to keeping the staff safe, they are providing gloves, hand sanitize, and in some instances masks for their employees depending on the situation. Since the home health aides are placed in a one-on-one setting, the risk of spread or infection is lower.

Home health aides are screened and quarantined properly if a situation occurs. Home Health aides and medical team members are skilled in ensuring that infection isn’t spread. They act as a support system to other medical teams like nursing home and hospitals. These medical facilities may need the extra care especially if a patient is released from a home.

Assisting Other Medical Teams

Hospitals and nursing homes are overwhelmed with keeping their patients safe. They utilize home care agencies as a support system for patients who may be released and need the care at home. The main purpose is to avoid remissions to the hospitals that may cause stress on the medical system. Coincidentally, you can say that home care agencies are the saving grace to industries. While there are people who are scared of having a home health aide come to their home, more families are opting to have the additional expertise at home with a caregiver.

Courage and Compassion

It takes courage. There is nothing more to it than that. There are essential workers across front-lines who are truly putting in their best effort to make sure people can get what they need. For home care agencies, home health aides are critical. They give care at precious moments to our most vulnerable. Home care agencies across the nation are relying on courage and compassion to get through the crisis. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help others even if it means placing themselves at risk. It’s opened our eyes to how important it is to help one another through crisis like this.

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