What to Be Grateful for on Easter Sunday

This 2020 year hasn’t been the brightest for most. Nevertheless, time does what time continues to do. It pushes us forward into an unknown. Despite the tragedies that we’re going through, one fact remains, if you are alive and reading this today, we have some things to be thankful for on Easter, Sunday.

It may not be a whole lot, but it’s better than nothing. These are four things I think you can be grateful for this year.


It’s a common element to be grateful for. I’ve learned that without health there’s nothing. You can’t live your life to the fullest of happiness if you’re suffering from your health. Your health can be poor at any given time. If you’ve been sick, could you imagine living like that for the rest of your life? It’s why I am thankful our bodies are capable of healing themselves. We can take preventive measures to improve our overall health.

With the COVID-19 crisis, it’s one of those situations where, those who don’t get sick, should be thankful for their health.


I am thankful for my life. It may not be the biggest or grandest life, but I am grateful to continue being alive to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The death toll for the 2020 year is heart-breaking. Since life is unpredictable, at any given moment, we can lose our life. We know that, at one point, all of us will meet our end. For a lot of us, that end comes at different times. It could be tomorrow or one-hundred years from now.

However, it’s being grateful for the time you have left, that brings the best out of life and people.


This weekend is about family. If you’re fortunate enough to be around your family, be thankful that they are with you. They say good things don’t last forever. In this life, nothing lasts forever. This is not to be sad or dark. It’s to push people to be more appreciative for what they have. When you eat dinner with your family on Sunday, make sure to be grateful for those precious moments you have together.

Health Care and Medical

I feel like this year is finally the year that people recognize how fortunate we are to live in a society where health care and medical are deserving of recognition. If we didn’t appreciate it before, we value it now. These unsung heroes of the professional world put their lives at risk and on the front-lines.

It’s a moment we should really think about because whether someone is a home health aide, a doctor, or a nurse, they have families too. The fact that they are willing to put themselves in danger to help someone else is heroic!

Before you enjoy this marvelous weekend, ask yourself this, what are you grateful for?

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