Need Something Positive? Read This.

You turn on the television these days and it’s like doom plus gloom. When you log onto Facebook, your feed is littered with news articles about death and despair. I’m an advocate with supporting those in desperate need. I wish I could help more than what I can. It almost makes you feel helpless. However, what you can take away from this is that sometimes our worst enemies are those that we can’t see. We are fighting against an invisible enemy. While most of us are scared, we continue to face it through the only way we can, going forward.

Selfless People Exist.

What I’ve learned after the past 2-weeks is that there are selfless people in the world. They exist. They are the heroes that battle on the front-lines day in and day out to save lives. It’s true that there was panic and trouble when the Corona-Virus hit. Nevertheless, with the bad, came the good. The good being that the true heroes, behind the scenes, are being shown for what they are. It taught the rest of the world that maybe our most crucial pieces are not always the brightest or loudest. Our leaders don’t need to be the ones on the podium to take charge.

Reflection is Real.

The time to reflect is real. Have you ever felt like the world around you wouldn’t stop for a minute? For the first time in my life-time, it almost feels like the world has stopped. It took a break. During this time, I started to self-reflect on what is important around me. Life is precious. We are not always guaranteed tomorrow. What we can do though is live every second like we are grateful and happy to exist. In an instant, it could disappear. We don’t take the time to really appreciate the small things. With this virus, it flipped everything upside down. It made the world stop.

Home Health Aide, Nurses, Doctors, Phlebotomy Technicians, and other medical professionals are who we should be paying attention too.

You’re Worthy.

I’ve read about the Spanish Flu in History books. It killed everyone in its path. Despite its death toll, the world continue to go through a World War, Great Depression, and didn’t stop for a minute. This situation has made many feel small or almost invisible. Why do I say this? If you are sitting at home wondering how you can help or what you can do, remember you’re worthy. Every life on Earth is precious. This is why you must know that, rather than feeling bad or stressing, consider the possibility that you are doing what you can. It may not be a lot, but it’s something.

We are fortunate to live in a modern-society. It’s not the prettiest and greed can get in the way. I think it’s time we stop caring who is wrong or right. This is our moment to enjoy what we have and hope that the situation happens. For now, stay at home and be proud that we have people who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that everyone lives.

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