How We’re Playing It Safe: Home Care Services

With everything that is going on, it’s impossible to avoid it. The COVID-19 virus is a scary situation that many of us are not used to dealing with it. However, when it comes to being safe, home health care agencies are stepping up to the plate alongside their medical teams. There are millions of civilians who require additional help at home especially the most vulnerable population of 65 and over.

It’s normal to feel uncertain about home care services right now. A stranger coming to your home can be problematic. Nevertheless, our home care agency is taking additional precaution when hiring and sending home health aides to the homes of our families. We want everyone to be safe including you.

These are the steps that we’ve taken to ensure your safety along with the families that we are helping in the state of New Jersey.

Home Health Aides are Informed

Our home health aides are informed of the situation. They’ve been given proper instructions from their medical care team. The patient is the number one priority. They know how to prepare for what to expect. Additionally, we screen our home health aides to ensure that none of them are sick before entering someone’s home. In other words, they are prepared with hand sanitize, gloves, and additional equipment to keep our families safe.

We Keep Updated with Best Practices

It’s become a daily practice since the COVID-19 situation. For us to be better prepared, we must be informed with the most current guidelines. We keep updated with the best practices. Our nurses and medical staff are updated with the best practices. Furthermore, we keep a close relationship with the government programs to follow the guidelines that are given for extra precaution. Being an essential business, means we have a civil duty to keep our customers and employees safe from exposure.

One-on-One Exposure

In the home health care industry, one-on-one exposure is common. It’s usually a patient and a home health aide. The family members may not be at the home or may be at work. This means that your chances of being exposed are less likely because you’re not in a group. If either of them are sick, they immediately report their symptoms to the agency. Coincidentally, the home care agency is working with clients and staff to keep them informed about the situation.

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