It Can Be Frightening: The Cost of Alzheimer’s

The world around us can be cruel sometimes. It’s a part of life we have to go through.

Emotionally, dementia and Alzheimer are hard on people including families. The families have to watch their loved one deteriorate slowly. It is a debilitating disease. The emotional expensive is one thing. However, the financial toll is frightening.

What is important to families is that they have options. When someone you love has a disease, care is essential. In 2018, the average lifetime cost for a person with Alzheimer’s is $341,840.

There is a more affordable option. Home health aide services continue to be the least expensive and most valuable choice. The average cost of a home health aide is $138 per day or $50,336 per year. In comparison to a nursing home or assisted living facility, it can cost up to $100,000 per year.

It is stated that this year the growing cost and impact of Alzheimer’s on the nation’s health care system is taking a toll on families. What option is there? Since there is no cure, the best choice would be to provide quality.

There is a rising mortality rate because of the lack of effective treatment. However, this problem will only get worse! During the early stages of Alzheimer, support should be provided to families including personal benefits for families and individuals.

Emotional and physical support is important. Hopefully, a cure can be found soon. Currently, we can work on giving those suffering from the disease the support they need.

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