Pros and Cons of Live-In Care

We receive questions on a daily basis on the pros and cons of live-in care. Recently, I had a daughter who wanted to have her mother live at home. She was interested in hiring a live-in caregiver. However, she wasn’t sure where to begin.

I decided to write a short review of what the pros and cons of live-in care are and versus assisted living. As we age, we look forward to a quality of life. Unfortunately, with assisted live-in facilities, one caregiver takes care of 8 to 10 residents. This may lower the quality of time and care a senior may receive especially one receiving care.

An Overview Live-In Care

The best part about live-in care is that it allows a client to eat and sleep at their own rhythm. Additionally, a team of caregivers provides a scheduled, personal care of plan that is designed for the patient. They can rotate schedules to accommodate time off and have family or friends visit them in their own environment.


  1. Live at their home
  2. Family can visit them somewhere comfortable
  3. Can eat and move around at their own rhythm
  4. Personal care plan designed for them
  5. Higher morale and quality of life
  6. Therapeutic


  1. May not be comfortable at home
  2. Sometimes they may need more attention
  3. Could be stressful for family members concerned with hiring caregivers

What you choose for your loved one is personal. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to do your research and see which benefits your loved one more.

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