Home Health Care Reduces Hospital Readmission

Home Healthcare reduces hospital readmissions. The home care support aids family with at-home care. Also, according to the Journal of Medical Directors Association, $41 billion is spent on hospital readmissions. In recent years, the reduction in the number of hospital readmission is part of home care services.

Hospitals Turned to Home Care Services

The federal government placed regulations. It pressured hospitals to reduce readmission rates. Hospitals turned to home care services as a solution. It claimed that the readmission numbers were a result of poor care at homes.

Furthermore, hospitals had no control with at-home-care.

Help-at-Home Is Realistic

Realistically, hospitals provide care and then release the patient. What happens afterward is not in their control. However, older adults benefit from help-at-home services.

Previously, hospitals and doctors refer patients to home health care services after discharge.

In-home care support is cost-effective. It helps patients manage medication, get around safer, and follow individual care plans. By relying on in-home care support, aging seniors experienced improved physical and physiological needs.

It is not about the money when it comes to readmission that patients should worry about. It’s the emotional toll it takes on the families. Nevertheless, the concern should be on the patients well-being.

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