The Misconception on Home Health Care Shortage of Workers

The misconception on the home health care shortage of workers. The reality is that home health aides are in abundance. Additionally, I witnessed firsthand classes of students that finish their training on a monthly basis. Conclusively, the real problem lies with the recruitment process.

Recruitment and education are key ingredients to a successful agency.

Home Health Aides Are Available

The scoop is that home health aides are available. Agencies are quick to point fingers at the lack of workforce. Nevertheless, it is the recruitment process that fails. With the clients needs on the rise and the job market demanding more Home Health Aides, more people are gravitating towards the benefit of having a steady income.

Home Health Aide employees are on the rise because of the demand. Since it is a profession that is both flexible and rewarding, younger students are seen in the classrooms. It is a better career opportunity than retail stores. Furthermore, home health aides are a gateway to better, long-term professions like nursing.

Where the Opportunity is for Home Health Aide Recruitment

Education is the opportunity for home health aide recruitment. Millions of high school students search for alternatives. Vocational school training is a resource. It is a valuable resource to find individuals who like to learn hands-on. While some agencies offer certification classes, agencies do not give their companions better options towards education.

A well-staffed agency provides home health aide training. Also, they recruit and offer better career opportunities for their staff. A dual dynamic of education and employment reassures that clients have options. For patients, look for agencies that are training facilities too. These are the home care agencies that can find what you are looking for.

2 thoughts on “The Misconception on Home Health Care Shortage of Workers”

  1. Surely you know that certification rates are not equivalent to the numbers that remain in the industry. Further, many of these agencies require students to work with them for a certain duration of time. After this obligation ends, and sometimes before, many aides leave the agency for other careers. Longitudinal studies demonstrate the number of home care workers is significantly less than demand requires, and that’s only worsening as demand rises. These positions demand dignity of work, a living wage, benefits, and a guarantee to protect personal privacy rights as employees and consumers.

    • Good morning,

      I am aware of the certification rates. The truth is this article was a solution to the many complaints that there are. As a recruiter, I have seen firsthand that the tactics that are demonstrated in the article work to increase the awareness that becoming a home health aide is a good alternative. If more time is spent on educating the public versus complaining that there aren’t enough health care workers, the turn around would be significant. Furthermore, there is an increase in AI and robotics. In the near future, more home care agencies will adopt this method and not because there aren’t enough health care workers, but it is a solution to the problem.


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