Health is Happiness

Health is Happiness

Health is happiness.  It is a new expression that I came up with after I realized how awful it is to feel sick.  When you feel sick, everything else suffers.  You cannot go to work, your energy levels are low, and your hobbies become chores.  It is not only me that thinks this way. According to polls throughout the United States, Americans say health care is the most important issue.

I. Why is Health Care the Source of Happiness?

The reason health care is a hot topic is that even the healthiest Americans are concerned about their future.  In an instant, your life can change, and your health today can never be taken for granted.  Baby boomers understand the value of home care.  Throughout most of their lives, they were provided with new opportunities.  Homes were considered a staple in traditional Americana.  For the reason of traditionalism, most baby boomers prefer to receive care at home, and I do not blame them.

II. Health is Happiness and Home is Where the Heart Is 

It is a combination of the two that makes home care the number one option for aging Americans in the United States.    If health is happiness and home is where the heart is, the duo are the perfect recipe for success.  Home Health Aides are in-home nurses trained to provide for aging patient’s daily needs while preserving their need for independence.  In addition, Home Health Aides reduce incidents at home and can prevent further injury from occurring.  Essentially, it is a win, win, and win for the patient.

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