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The Spirit of Giving is a Home Health Aide’s Strength

The Spirit of Giving is a Home Health Aide's Strength



Caregivers, care attendants, personal caregivers, in-home nurses, Certified Home Health Aides…these are the thousands of names these special people are given as their title. If you were to summarize what they mean in one word, it’s “giving.” It’s the season of giving and for Home Home Health Aides there is no such thing as a season. Christmas will come and go, yet a Home Health Aides perseverance will continue for years to come.

Home Health Aides are Important

Home Health Aides are important. Caregivers are entrusted to care for our loved ones through their times of difficulty. Having met Certified Home Health Aides during my time in the education-health care field, I realized that their work often goes unappreciated or undervalued in society. It’s a sad truth that I decided to share to enlighten the public of their gracious deeds. Throughout the year, these hard-working employees take care of the elderly and sickly with their utmost attention. The patients they care for are not always the easiest and at times can be almost impossible to deal with. However, with a passion for their work, they continuously fight through the daily struggles to assist family members with the best care possible.

Their Contribution and the Future to Society

Home Health Aides contribute more to society than one might believe. You can place the statistics aside for a moment and think logically as a patient. Would you rather receive care in a facility that you do not know or care at a place that you’ve known throughout your life? Doctors and nurses recommend care-at-home for recovery purposes. Patients feel more at peace when they are at home being cared for by the surroundings they are familiar with. Logically, psychology has shown vast advantages for those who choose Home Health Aides over Nursing Homes for their family members. I’ve provided a list of advantages that are prevalent with a Home Health Aide.

  1. Patients are less stressed
  2. Individual care is personalized for the patient
  3. Home Health Aides are trained and instructed by nurses
  4. Hospitals and medical facilities choose caregiving because of its convenience
  5. Patients feel less lonely
  6. Families are less prone to feeling guilty for leaving family members at home alone

The future involved home care especially because Baby Boomers prefer convenience. As the generation ages, the value of Home Health Aides will continue to be immeasurable. It’s vital, as a society, that we continue to show our appreciation towards these heroic people.

Home Health Aides are Trained and Compassionate

Home Health Aides compassion cannot be taught. Caregivers are skilled workers commit to their profession. The biggest misconception I’ve heard is the lack of training Home Health Aides to receive. This is far from the truth or reality. I’ve seen the training first-hand. It’s not easy. A special type of commitment is needed to go through the classes that they do. While every state is different, all Home Health Aides are required to endure vigorous training for their profession. Their hands-on training is crucial to the success and the overall care of the patient that they will be responsible. Home Health Aides are trained, licensed, and skilled professionals. It’s noted that home care agencies do a fantastic job of screening candidates before they are allowed to visit a patient’s home. Then, candidates, are interviewed and placed with the appropriate patient to make sure they are a right fit.

It is a dedication that I see needs attention. The attention we give will improve care for everyone including those

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Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlesly

Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlessly

Care Prevention: Thousands of Patients a Day Go to the Hospital Needlesly

The sad truth is that thousands of patients per day are admitted to the hospital needlessly.   For most patients who are brought to the ER, there return to the hospital is preventable by following treatment plans that the doctor prescribes once they leave.  The problem is that, as primary caregivers to our loved ones, we’re afraid to admit that we might need help.

Hospitals admissions can be prevented if they had a professional at home to care for them.  Doctors and medical experts recommend having someone care for a loved one in the initial stages of returning home.  The primary reason is that professionals are trained to provide the extra attention that sometimes can be neglected by the family members and not on purpose either.  It can be a daunting task especially when there are other household responsibilities.

Home care is an easy and reliable solution to preventing further complications.  The best part is that it is an affordable alternative too.  If you have a loved one who needs care, reach out to your local home care agency or contact us today at 888-288-8826.

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Home Care is Connected to the Communities

Home Care is Connected to the Communities

Home Care is Connected to the Communities

Home care is connected to the communities in more ways than one.  The major reason is that they provide a lot of good for the people within them.  There are a number of benefits to having a home care agency in your location.

  • Home care agencies are a main source of employment
  • Home care services are more affordable than hospital care
  • Health is an important aspect of everyone’s life
  • Loved ones are crucial
  • They provide outlets for families in need

The next time you see a home care agency take the time to visit them.  They may have a service to offer you whether employment or training.

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Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related

Health and Home Care Are Related

We have heard the phrase “health is important.”   Health, before money, is the number one concern on most people’s minds.  The reason is that without health it is hard to accomplish our goals or dreams.  In other words, it is our health that provides us with the foundation to pursue our needs.   Money can buy us resources, but it cannot always purchase a clean slate of health.

How does our home impact our health?  Health and home care are related because one cannot exist without the other.  It is a symbiotic relationship that coexists and that researchers have looked into.  Doctors recommend home care services because they understand the value it brings to society and to the patients in need of it.

Home is Where the Heart Is 

Home is where the heart is.  We spend a large portion of our lives at home.  When we are at the point of retirement, for the most part, our homes are a source of happiness and independence.  Home care helps, our loved ones, feel independent and safe.  It is no fun spending time at the hospital, and it is expensive too.

Home Care Avoids Stressful Situations

A caregiver ensures that your loved one receives the best type of care.  Families can have a peace of mind in knowing their loved one is in safe hands.  Caregivers are trained to handle most situations.  With hectic work schedules and on the constant movie, a full-time caregiver can provide families the benefit of not feeling selfish for leaving someone at home alone.  Furthermore, a loved one will feel more independent without you around.

It is Affordable and Effective 

Home care is affordable and effective.  How affordable are home care services?  A professional caregiver costs less per hour than a nursing home.  In addition, home care agencies do everything from finding the right caregiver for you, screening them,  ensuring they have the proper attitude, and they are the right fit for your family.  This means if something goes wrong your family will not be responsible for it.

Caregiving has proven to be effective.  Doctors continue to recommend home care services to discharge patients due to the increased health benefits it serves.  It works because family members feel comfortable at home with familiar surroundings.  For patients suffering from Dementia or Alzheimers, being in the comfort of the home, allows them to rehabilitate in a safe location without the stress of feeling lost or confused.

Health and home are correlated.  In the next ten years, more hospitals and medical facilities will find methods to offer care to those at home.  It makes a big difference that sometimes goes unnoticed.  If you know a loved one who is in need of care, home care services are a step towards the right direction. 

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How to Offer Help to Your Parents

How to Offer Help to Your Parents

How to Offer Help to Your Parents

They were there for us.  They’re the reason we are alive today.  In many family homes, parents are the head of the household.  Throughout our lives, they are the source we go to for problems, positive news, or for advice.  In my case, they are your everything.  I am sure different thoughts come to mind, but for this piece, I am talking about our parents.

The Hardest Moment 

Early in our lives, we see our parents as invincible.  This is before we realize and understand that no one is invincible. Everyone has a destiny.  Everyone has a beginning and an end.  It is a conversation that is hard to bare, but as we age, we start to see it firsthand.  It begins with the gray hair, changes in outer appearance the wisdom associated with the years, and sometimes forgetfulness.  One of the hardest moments we go through is watching our parents age.

Once our parents’ age, we realize that we have to care for them like they cared for us in our times of need.  It is not always easy though.  

How to Offer Help

Our parents are accustomed to being the ones to provide care.  It is no wonder why sometimes it is hard for them to grasp or understand why they are the ones who require care.  It is normal.  It is hard for them to be dependent on someone else when for the past couple of years they were the ones everyone depended on.  Everyone has a sense of desire to feel important.  Depending on what the individual, what is more, vital to them is to have a purpose.

Offering to find the help that can relieve them from their responsibilities, yet comfort them in letting them know that you are doing it to give them more time to work on their hobbies or things they enjoy doing.

Things to Remember 

It is a part of life we go through.

  • Be patient
  • Be respectful
  • Show compassion
  • Remind them that they are not alone
  • Care is out there for them
  • They can still live independently, but with help for things they might not be able to do
  • Remind them that you love them