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Laughter is Excellent for Your Health

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Laughter is excellent for your health. It is essential for us to find harmony in our lives. When we do not laugh, it can indicate that our mental health may not be 100% there. Once your mental health is not where it needs to be, your physical health drops too.

A good joke goes a long way. I’ve had instances where I couldn’t breathe due to how hard I laughed. Have you ever laughed so hard that your ribs hurt? It’s a fun experience to share a good laugh with friends and family. However, did you know that laughter has excellent benefits to improving health?

It not only improves mental health, but physical health too.

These are the ten excellent benefits that laughter has to someone’s health!

  1. Laughter boosts the immunity system
  2. It protects the heart
  3. Lower stress hormones
  4. Strengthens relationships
  5. Improves mood
  6. Prevents heart disease
  7. Decreases chances of depression
  8. Lowers blood pressure
  9. Works your abs
  10. Produces a general well being
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Home Health Care Gives Seniors Freedom

I have met many people who tell me they wish they had the extra help and that there aren’t enough hours in the day. In today’s society, there are more families that will face rising health care needs. Their disabilities may limit the time they have to spend on their more favorable hobbies. Home Health Care gives seniors freedom. As more seniors like the freedom of staying at home, they prefer the lowering costs affiliated with it.

Health at Home Gives Easy Access to Medical Attention

A good example is when an Eighty-seven-year old Dolores lived by herself in New Jersey. She utilizes her home health aide to provide meals and pays strict attention to the smallest aches. Despite her need for careful attention, a home care attendant gives her easy access to medical attention. A home health aide can regularly provide visits and follow the care-of-plan given to the patients by doctors.

Having People Help You is Necessary

Yes, definitely! Our aging requires us to be more conscious about how we can ask for help. There are seniors that know the importance of getting help. Home health aides act as a set of eyes, another set of ears, and follow the strict guidelines that some seniors need. For instance, my grandparents knew they needed additional help at home. They requested to have someone assist them during the day with things they might forget or couldn’t forget!

Freedom at Home is the Best

Everyone enjoys freedom. It makes us feel alive. I recommend trying out home care for your loved ones. A lot of us like to be home. To have the freedom and health at home is an added bonus. It’s why millions have families have switched to receiving care at home.

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What Kind of at Home Medical Services are Provided?

What Kind of at Home Medical Services are Provided?

This is a common question we receive from families searching for an alternative to nursing homes. They question what kind of services they can receive at home. What they don’t know is that home health aide services have perfected providing valuable and quality care at home. It’s almost like having a hospital or a nursing home at the convenience of your home. It’s why millions of families are opting to receive care at home. The benefits far outweigh the cons!

Nevertheless, I made a list of at home medical services families can receive today if they prefer to have medical treatments at home.

At Home Medical Services

Bathing and Dressing

There are proper ways to help a patient with bathing and dressing. A skilled professional like a caregiver or a home health aide will be more opt to assisting the patient in bathing and dressing. They can monitor hygiene specific requests. Families enjoy the convenience of their loved one receiving additional help if they need it.

Medication Monitoring

Medication monitoring is essential to care treatments especially after recovery. Forgetting to take a medicine at a particular time, can be the difference between an emergency hospital visit and a speedy recovery. The at home medical services provide families with skilled caregivers who are trained to provide care to their families.

Meal Planning and Preparation

Nutrition is crucial to health. Your food choice each day affects your health. It effects how you will feel today, tomorrow, and the future. The reason why it plays an important role is because it leads to a healthy lifestyle. A home health aide or a skilled professional understands the value of nutrition. They can provide meal planning and meal prep to patients who need the extra nutrients to stay healthy or recover. Furthermore, they can avoid feeding the patient certain foods that might make the patient feel worse!

These are important aspects to remember.

Companionship Visits

Loneliness is a horrible feeling. For example, it is a state of mind.Mental health is a serious problem in the United States. The feeling of loneliness causes people to feel empty, alone, and unwanted. These sensations can lead to more serious conditions like depression, anxiety, and sometimes suicide. A care companion gives the patient attention. They listen, give guidance, play their favorite board games, or even encourage hobbies to keep the patient active and well!

Organization of Schedules and Appointments

Doctor visits and appointments shouldn’t be skipped. After a patient leaves a hospital, they’ll be provided with specific instructions on how to manage their recovery. Normally, they will need to visit the doctor on a consistent schedule. This is where a home health aide and a caregiver come in. They can assist in reminding the patient when their scheduled appointments are. In some instances, they can transport the patient if needed.

Live-In Home Health Aide Services

This is probably the most valuable thing that in-home medical services can assist with. There are loved ones who need to be watched 24/7. A live in home health aide is with the patient always. They don’t leave their side. At any moment that the patient needs help, the home health aide is there.

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The Good Life: Schedule a Free Consultation for at Home Health Care

The good life is being happy. Our home care agency wants you to be happy this holiday season.

We are almost mid way through the month of November. Thanksgiving and Christmas are near us. They bring special moments, but sometimes they offer challenges. For families that have loved ones that require additional attention, they need the extra help. The holidays are the best and happiest times. They should bring our families closer together.

Home Health care can give families a peace of mind this holiday. If you have a loved one suffering from a chronic condition or needs the companionship, look no further than our home care agency. The best part is that there is no obligation in accepting what we have to offer.

Schedule a Consultation for at Home Health Care

You can schedule a free consultation for at home health care. The consultations give you an insight on how to better care for your loved ones. To schedule a free consultation, contact us today at info@eshcs.com or visit our website at https://eshcs.com/schedule-a-free-home-care-consultation/ to schedule a time for our specialists to speak to your families.