Home Care in New Jersey

What is home care in New Jersey like? New Jersey residents search for home care services everyday.  20,000 searches for home care services per day on Google Analytics show that families want help at home.

Alternatively, families that aren’t in NJ may be curious to know what it is like.  The experience is like shopping at a mall.  To tell you the truth, options are endless and research is ever so important.  I made a list of three things to keep in mind.

Quality Home Care in NJ

Malls are famous in New Jersey.  There are more malls in New Jersey than any other state in the United States. Diners and malls are as common as traffic in New York City.

Similarly, home care agencies are everywhere too!

When it comes to elderly care, New Jersey has thousands that will help your loved ones with caregiver services or so they will promise.  The online is drowned in quality home care services advertisements.

However, not all agencies are created equally.

Be Aware: Research Home Care Services 

In all honesty, research, research, and research some more.  It’s like buying a first car. For example, most people research a car before they purchase it.  It is the same concept. Especially, a family member needs it. A loved one deserves the best.  These are three key things to look for:

First, a quality home care agency is accredited by CAHC.

Secondly, good home care agencies have training facilities for home health aide employees.

Thirdly, local agencies that are family-focused are better for the long-term.  Local agencies cover areas quicker and are more reliable.

Long-Term Care is a Good Sign

The more affiliations are the better.  Furthermore, quality home care agencies will have their affiliations and partners on the first page.

If you see long-term care on the list or hospice care, it indicates that the home care agency is reputable and associated with bigger programs.  Before making a decision, smart decision makers check to see that the home care agency has a training academy. 

In fact, a training academy indicates that they’re approved by more government entities like the board of education and the NJ Board of Nursing.  The more approvals the better and safer your family will be.

The Training Matters. Reliable Home Care Agencies Understand This.

The Training Matters. Reliable Home Care Agencies Understand This.

A home care agency cannot operate without dedicated caregivers.  The training of home health aide matters.  A reliable home care agency understands the importance of training.  It is one thing to say that you provide reliable care.  It is another to display it to the public.  A reliable care system starts with training.   Home health aides who receive hands-on training by skilled professionals learn to provide the best care.  You can only learn from the best.

Agencies that Recruit Home Health Aides

The flexibility we provide is second to none.  We work with long-term insurances.  We helped thousands of students graduate from our academy.   In the state of New Jersey, we have helped large, household name agencies fill their patients’ cases.  As the top training home health aide school, we know how to care for our patients too.  The truth is that when agencies need to recruit home health aides it may take them longer to provide you with the care that your loved one deserves.  A home health aide may not match what you need.   If you need to request another home health aide, it could take longer.

A Warm Congratulations to Our Home Health Aides 

We want to congratulate our compassionate employees for helping others achieve the same dreams of helping others. They help our patients by giving them peace of mind they deserve.

Nursing Homes Struggle While Home Care Agencies Thrive

Nursing Homes Struggle Whole Home Care Agencies Thrive

Nursing Homes Struggle While Home Care Agencies Thrive

The decision to place your loved one in a nursing home or a home care agency is a tough one.  Honestly, I hope that I will never make that decision.  However, for most of us, it is a choice that will eventually happen in our lives whether it is for someone we care about or for ourselves.  Despite what nursing homes advertise, typically they are more expensive and their public perception plus patient trust is lacking.

The Better Option 

Home care continues to be the better option and not only because of the incapabilities for the nursing home to properly staff, but it’s a safer option for long-term care.  The idea behind home care services continues to be a new concept although it has been common practice in society.  For many patients, house calls were a norm.

Doctors Recommend It

Home care agencies are relatively new to the general public.  Home care services support men and women who require direct attention on a daily basis.  Doctors and specialists recommend it too.  There is no better or warmer place than at home.  With the caregivers’ help and constant check-ups from Nurses, the care is practiced in a controlled environment.

Home Health Aide Services can offer 24/7 care too. Psychologically, patients recover quicker when they are surrounded by what is familiar to them.  A quality home care agency can certainly provide a better option.

Instantly Hired – Certified Home Health Aides

Instantly Hired - Certified Home Health Aides

Instantly Hired – Certified Home Health Aides

Do you love working with people?  Are you satisfied with your current employment?  If you worked with E & S Home Care Solutions, the answer to these questions are a resounding yes.  Our Certified Home Health Aides prefer to work with E & S Home Care Solutions because of the culture.  We believe that everyone, especially our caregivers, is important equally.

We are hiring immediately for Certified Home Health Aide. You can pick and choose your schedules.


  • Certified Home Health Aide license
  • Basic Physical/Recent Immunization Record
  • 2 Forms of Government ID
  • Social Security Card

If you don’t have a certified home health aide license, we offer affordable training sessions that are convenient. The courses are only 3-weeks plus we provide an online option too.

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

3 Helpful Tips to Become a Successful Home Health Aide

A Home Health Aide or a Caregiver has certain elements of their job that make it stressful to care for patients directly.  I speak to Home Health Aides on a daily basis, and their main concern is that they want to be successful at their job.  There are an estimated 50 million family home health aides looking after disabled and elderly loved ones.  A majority of Home Health Aides might be taking care of a grandparent or a parent.

It is no secret that caregivers care about their job, and I have compiled a list of helpful tips to help you become a successful home health aide. 

Helpful Tip #1:  It’s not as easy as it may sound, but exercise is said to help improve the health of your mind and body.  I am not talking about vigorous exercises or hitting the gym hard.  A leisure 20-min walk is said to decrease stress-related problems.

Helpful Tip #2:  Take time off when you need to.  Being a companion or a caregiver to someone can be tiring and take its toll.  Your body and mind are a temple.  If you notice that you become irritable quicker, you are more tired than usual, and you don’t have the patience to handle certain situations, it’s time to take time off to recover,.

Helpful Tip #3:  Less Worrying. More Smiling.  Emotionally, our brains are interconnected with our body.  When you laugh and smile more, you can relieve the tension and stress you feel.