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Why Do I Need a Home Health Aide?

Now that we understand the differences between a Home Health Aide and Home Care Aide, we need to ask why do we even need one? Most people have the mindset that it would just be easier for them to take care of their loved ones themselves. 

This actually quite the opposite. Having an aide to assist with a loved one’s medical conditions and daily living is proven to have better health results than just a family member helping out. There are many benefits in having someone to help your family members in ways you can not.

What is it like?

Having a home health aide is almost like having a personal nurse that may help out around the house every once and awhile. They are recognized skilled physicians that provide friendship and medical assistance.

Home health aides help those who are struggling to do it all on their own. It is not an easy task to take care of a sick loved one and continue to work, take care of children, and maintain a healthy social life. When your job requires you to travel Home health aides can take over and be the caregiver needed at the time.

Can I Trust Them?

Home health aides are there to maintain safety and comfortability within patients home. This means that they will do everything in their power to make sure the patient and family feel comfortable and independent while helping maintain the patient’s health.

Depending on the hours agreed upon, your loved one could have up to 24/hrs or less of constant companionship. There are home health aides that live with their patients while others who come in during the times that the patient would be alone.

Home health aides also cost less than your average nursing care facility. This cost-effective solution also guarantees that your loved one will get one-on-one attention and care that is needed.

Instead of stressing hire a home health aide. They will be there when you can’t and will ensure that your loved one is on the right path to a healthier and better tomorrow.

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The Real Reason Home Care is Growing

The Real Reason Home Care is Growing

The Real Reason Home Care is Growing

Home care is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States currently.  Families are in dire need for caring home health aides. There are various reasons as to why it’s become important in the lives of millions of families.  However, there is one simple reason why home care is growing.  It can be summed up to the reason that the quality that it offers to loved ones is second-to-none.  It is a quality family can’t find anywhere else such as nursing homes or hospitals.

The real reason home care is growing is that millions of Americans and people internationally recognize that health care is a necessity.  It can’t be replaced.  Health is an important source of happiness. If you want to find the next step to health care especially for loved ones, home care is where it will be.  Investors have seen its value and now it’s become an irreplaceable luxury for families.

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Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media

Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media

Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media

There has a been a long misconception about social media especially for in the health care industry.  I write this article to clear the air and bring forth the truth of home care agencies.  Their relationship with social media has evolved in a similar way to other businesses.  However, the main difference, is that social media is used more for connecting with their customers and health care providers rather than commercial usage.

It’s recorded that 196 million people use social media frequently in the United States including Baby Boomers, Millennial, Generation Z, and Generation Alpha.  Social Media includes YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and more.

Why Trustworthy Home Care Agencies Use Social Media: 

  • A home care agency, that is confident in their ability to provide care services, will showcase it on social media.  High ratings on social media show that the agency has a connection with their clients.
  • Daily postings on social media indicate the home care agency is constantly improving and learning the industry
  • Home care agencies that use social media are up to speed with trends

If a home care agency uses social media and stays up to date, consider them as an option especially if they have good ratings.  A community of people who like a page show that the business understands its customers.


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A History of Heroes…Thank You Veterans

A History of Heroes...Thank You Veterans

A History of Heroes…Thank You Veterans

There is a historical respect that heroes deserve.  These are real heroes.  They are people who thought of the future. For generations, the United States of America has been a land of freedom and opportunity.  Despite the imperfections, our country may have, one undeniable truth remains the same.  There are heroes that have stepped forward to protect this wonderful nation.  Their sacrifices are an impossible gift we can never repay them.  We remember them.  We remember them through the good times and the dark times.

As I write this post today, I spread the care and joy that our veterans need. We want to thank you for your sacrifices.  At the E & S family, you are in our hearts and your minds forever.  Your legacies will carry on.

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Healthy Home Care Helps Reduce Readmissions

Healthy Home Care Helps Reduce Readmissions

Healthy Home Care Helps Reduce Readmissions

Do you have a loved one who recently was emitted to the hospital?  Do you feel that their condition could have been improved if you were around more?  It is not uncommon to feel that the care for your loved one is not as good as it should be.  After a patient leaves the hospital, it is essential to their well-being that they follow the plan-of-care set by the doctor and sometimes it is not monitored as well as it should be which results in more patients returning to the hospital.

Healthy Home Care is a Solution

A healthy home care agency helps reduce readmissions into hospitals. Home Health Aides are trained to follow a plan-of-care that is set by a Registered Nurse.  The nurse provides consistent check-ups and assessments to ensure that the plan-of-care is being followed one-hundred percent.  When a care plan is followed, patients find that their time in the hospital is reduced significantly.

Doctors Choose Home Care Agencies

Doctors prefer home care agencies to provide care after patients leave the hospital because they have professionals who can assist in the services.  The trained staff age home care agencies are prepared to handle family needs and services.  Truthfully, someone who is trained to handle care is more equipped with someone who may not understand the process completely.  A misstep in a treatment plan can send someone back to the hospital, and we don’t want that!