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3 Short and Interesting Facts About Aging

Facts About Aging

It is a conversation people do not talk about. After my initial research, I found three interesting facts about aging.

  1. You Can Live 7.5 Years More With Proper Care: People with accurate perception of aging can expect to live 7 an a half years longer. In conclusion, people who understand their personal needs as they age will live longer. For instance, hiring a home health aide limits time spent at the hospital or unnecessary, preventable injuries.
  2. People Are Happiest Towards the End of Their Lives: People worry less towards the end of their lives. Furthermore, older people have established incomes and most often retirement. Additionally, seniors value their time and resources.
  3. Life is Better with Companionship: In the United States, only 3.6% of people over 65 years old are in nursing homes. Seniors prefer living at home with a companion or a home health aide.

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Aging at Home is Preferred

Aging at Home is Preferred

Aging at Home is Preferred

Home is a place you spend most of your time in. It is where you create long-lasting family memories.  It is where you grow your organic vegetables. Why would you want to spend time anywhere else?  Similarly, according to recent studies, most families spend about 15-20 years at home.  The aging population prefers to stay at home where their surroundings are familiar.   It helps improve their health psychologically and physically.

Home Health Aides are the reason more and more people are able to stay at home.  Awesome right?  If it were up to me, I’d make Home Health Aides the primary source of care.  I don’t see the benefit of being cared for at the hospital or at a nursing home.  There is nothing better than receiving care at home.  You can spend time with family.  You can feel secure that you’ll have a helping hand at home.  When you have a Home Health Aide around, it is like having a helping hand.  The only difference is…you get to have someone to help you with anything you need.

I’d take advantage of the home care services that are quickly becoming the “thing.”  I don’t see why not.