Understanding Sensory Loss May Prepare Seniors to be Safer

As the saying goes “you don’t know what you have until its gone”. This can be true for many things. Including your sense or hearing and sight. As we age, the risk of losing your hearing and/or vision only increases. There are a number of risks and challenges that people face at home, often without even realizing them. As our bodies begin to age and our physical abilities diminish, those challenges increase and can pose serious dangers.

Experiencing Sensory Loss

In Iowa, a home care agency developed a new program that will help people experience some the sensory loss that the elderly may experience. By doing this, it helps aging individuals understand what might happen to them in the future. Additionally, it can also be a strong asset for families to really understand what their aging loved ones are going through. This program focuses on how sensory feelings change as we age. Whether that be changes in sight, smell, or feeling in our fingers and hands.

The sole purpose of this program is to teach people what it is like to experience those sensory challenges. The idea being that once you have experienced those losses, you can understand what a loved one is going through. By doing so you will be more knowledgeable about how you can better help them at home to be safer.

Understanding the Struggles of Seniors

By understanding what an aging senior is dealing with or struggling to do, it can motivate more patience, understanding, and even the push to encourage them to work with a home health care professional. Something as simple as the use of ones fingers can become compromised due to arthritis, which can make handling eating and cooking utensils difficult. By getting educated on sensory loss you can make a major difference in the life of your loved one. This is a great way to stimulate a discussion about home health care and its positive benefits.