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How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

The aging process is a beautiful thing. It has its advantages including enjoying a post-retirement. It is the dream for seniors. For seniors, your focus can be on your family and your life’s pursuits. Seniors look forward to their retirement because of the new freedom they’ll experience.

However, as we age, changes occur in our physical bodies and our cognitive abilities. Suddenly, a house that was once safe can be dangerous. Before you begin your journey to enjoy your retirement, it is never a bad thing to have your home evaluated for safety.

It is not a thing many families think about. This is why it’s important to consider being pro-active and avoiding a situation before an accident occurs. Normally, families are blinded by the challenges that seniors may face.

Geriatric doctors recommend ensuring that homes can be traveled in without the hassle. There should be emergency protocols put in place. For example, seniors having access to a fall detector can get them access to emergency care immediately.

These are helpful tips that will make your home senior friendly:

  1. Make the bathroom more accessible
  2. Improve lighting
  3. Purchase safety devices like smoke detectors, fall detection devices, and carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Avoid cluttering the home with potted plants, laundry baskets, or newspapers
  5. Ensure there are railings on the stairway that are secure
  6. Having a caregiver or a home health aide present during times of need

The reality is accidents happen. There is no guarantee in this life. This doesn’t mean we should avoid being prepared. These helpful tips can make retirement more enjoyable for families without the worries that can come up later.

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Home Health Aides Love Graduating from E & S

Home Health Aides Love Graduating from E & S

Home Health Aide students love graduating from E & S. It has become the latest trend for most home health aides searching for a better opportunity. The reason is because of how we take care of them and provide for them. Home Health Aides at our facility are given benefits. In addition, we ensure that they are well prepared to provide the quality care families deserve.

A recent graduate referring a new student eager to get started on her journey

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4 Positive Signs That Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

4 Positive Tips Your Elderly Loved Ones Need the Help

Your parents are invincible. This is what we believe when we are younger. However, as time passes by, we recognize that we get older. Eventually, you start to notice small instances of your parents needing help. You don’t want to impose. I mean it can be hard for them to hear about needing help. Before you step in, the best thing to do is to wait and see if they need the extra help.

After being independent and self sufficient, it is almost impossible for your parents to admit they need help. Additionally, as our parents, they don’t want us to worry. Regardless, of how old they are, they will always put your needs before their own. Though they may not like the idea, it is important to stress how additional help around the home can make their life easier.

4 Positive signs that your elderly loved one needs help:

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Illness or physical disability
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Difficulty getting around
4 Signs Your Elderly Loved One Needs Help

These four signs are indications that your loved one might benefit from someone helping them. It’s not a bad thing. With an open heart and an open mind, caregivers are skilled enough to not be intrusive. There are instances where parents are overjoyed with the extra company. It gives them an opportunity to do more than they thought they realized.

Home health aides assist in day to day activities when they are needed. For this reason, aging shouldn’t have to be a pain. There is no shame in it either . Millions of family members opt for home care because it is safer, psychologically better, and families have complete control over the decisions they make for who they hire.

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Home Care Is Important Everywhere

I am someone that knew nothing about the home care industry. I didn’t anticipate working in it either. I had a passion to help people though. Once I stumbled upon the home care industry by accident, I learned more about how it can help people. I traveled the state of New Jersey attending college and career fairs. People are stunned by how involved the home care industry is.

Home care is important everywhere. It provides care to families in need. Additionally, it gives the employment economy a big boost. Nurses can work at more locations than hospitals. It’s like a hub of good things. Nevertheless, the education about home care is limited. While it is a growing field, not many people know how great it is.

As I travel New Jersey, I meet new nurses. They are inspired by the idea of helping others. Their reactions are funny too. Saint Peters University is known for their excellent nursing program. There was one eager girl who approached my table. She looked both nervous and excited. She heard about E & S Home Care Solutions from the reputation.

“I came straight to your table hoping I could use my experience as a nurse. Wow!

“I came straight to your table hoping I could use my experience as a nurse. Wow! I had no idea I could do so much with a nursing degree. Please let me know if you have any positions available!” Stephanie said anxiously. She was both pleased and eager to learn the opportunities that the home care sector had for her.

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Technology Could Make People With Dementia Happier

Technology Can Help Improve the Mood of Those With Dementia

Technology is a part of our lives. It has a bad reputation. The moment you clicked on this article you were probably expecting it to be all bad! There are positive aspects to what we consider a terrible intrusion in our lives. Furthermore, its damages to health are considerable.

In the news, it is blamed for the loneliness epidemic. It has caused problems with distraction. Our common conversations are interrupted by cell phone usage. However, what if I were to tell you that technology has a benefit? What if technology could be used in the right way? There are positives to technology usage especially for dementia patients.

Without a doubt, you might be asking how can technology improve the mood of people with dementia. Despite its flaws, technology offers an outlet for seniors. It can distract them from their current state. For anyone who has cared for a senior with dementia, negative moods like confusion, anger, and sadness are common.

What Research Says

In recent research studies, YouTube was associated with positive moods. According to a mobile company, screen time spent looking at photos, listening to music, or watching videos on YouTube can improve moods drastically. Researchers see this as an alternative to medication. The vast majority of people benefit from tablet sessions.

Aaron Gilson is a health policy researcher with the UW School of Pharmacy who comments on technology usage for patients with dementia. Patients who live in nursing homes and home care are encouraged to use tablets. This is because eighty percent of the care recipients showed significant improvement to their negative mood. Patients can view family photos, playing their favorite music, and following topics they are interested in. Coincidentally, it’s not secret that more people are discovering the wonders of technology for their loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Technology used correctly can enrich someone’s life. It brings families together closer. Dementia patients use visuals like photos and videos to distract themselves from their debilitating disease. Additionally, it engages their brain with positive associations. Patients with dementia enjoy a significant mood boost.