Is E&S the Right Choice?

There are many home care agencies in the United States. It’s very difficult to chose which one is the best one for you. Many people want to choose the one with the highest pay and free flexibility. So, why work with E&S? What are the benefits?

Four W’s

Before that, let’s go through the four W’s. First one is what. What is E&S and how does it relate to home care? If you didn’t know already, E&S has two separate agencies. One part is education and the other is providing home health care. Second is where. Where is E&S? We have a total of 3 locations. One in Elizabeth, another in South Plainfield and last one in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Third is why. Why a Certified Home Health Aide? In this blog, it will tell you some reasons: Why work with E&S? There are several reasons why you can work with us. First, we are hiring. Second, home care careers are a high demand. Finally, it will be good for experience. Last is when. When can you start? You can start now or whenever you are ready, but don’t start too late. Before you know it, it would be too late for you. The reason why because one possibility is that your body will start to slow down or something more life risking.


You’re also wondering how can you start if either you have or don’t have a license? If you don’t have a license, you can take our CHHA course that’s only $400. Here’s the online link for you to register: For more information, you could always call at 844-372-2233.

If you do have your license and interested in applying for us, you can send your resume to If you have any more questions, you can also call our home care number at 888-288-8826.

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