It’s Possible for an Aging Parent to Stay at Home Safely

Being in a hospital, used to be the right option for some families. For others, nursing homes and adult day care centers were ideal for their loved ones. However, a lot has changed in the past two decades especially with advances in medicine and technology. The mindset about receiving care has changed too. While it continues to be important, there are other options for families to look at when picking care for a loved one.

It’s a common question we receive constantly. Are home care services safe? The most honest answer we give our families is yes. Home care is one of the safest options for seniors who want to remain home, but have difficulty with performing basic tasks like bathing, eating, or sometimes mobility. This is because home care is focused on improving the someone’s quality of life. Additionally, the one on one care makes it less likely that a patient will get sick. The incidents are less frequent at home than at a nursing home or a rehab enter.

Reasons to consider home care a safe option for seniors:

  • One on one care is safer for patients
  • Care at home equals better treatment
  • Individual care plans focused on the individual’s patient’s needs
  • It’s affordable
  • More families are option for home care than ever before
  • It’s psychologically more beneficial for loved ones to stay at home

It’s normal to feel unsure about your options. Furthermore, you may think that it’s a hassle. Home Care agencies make it easier to find the right care at home for your loved one without the headache of interviewing or picking the wrong person for your loved one. I’d recommend receiving a consultation on home care services to know what your options are.

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