3 Ways to Improve Safety for an Aging Parent Living Alone During COVID-19

Our worst fear is something happening to those who hold dear in our lives. Do you have an aging parent living at home alone? What makes it more worrying is the fact that we want to keep our aging parents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do we do it? What steps can we take to ensure that they are safe? You may be concerned about how to help your parent in these troubling times. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to improve their safety.

Keeping Their Contact Limited

Our aging parents are the most vulnerable to getting sick. It’s hard to imagine not being able to see them as frequently as we’d like. However, it’s for their safety and well being. Their contact with other people should be kept at a minimal except for the most essential. Since COVID-19 is spread through human contact and airborne, it’s a crucial that they keep their distance from social gatherings. Families should keep their contact limited. If they do need to leave the home, masks should be worn at all times.

Installing Grab Bars and Improving Lighting

There are tools that can be added to help give your loved one additional assistance at home. If you are worried about them falling, this is what you can do to keep a peace of mind. You can install preventive devices in the home for their convenience. Grab bars are most commonly installed in a tub or a shower. They’re not the same as a towel bar. They are intended to hold the weight of a grown, healthy adult. Additionally, reducing or limiting the risk of falls may include keeping a well-lit house for safety. The risk of loss and impairment increases with age. A better lit home usually equals a safer home too.

Hiring Hourly Home Health Aides

A certified home health aide is screened, tested, and trained to handle the most important elements of caring for a senior. The most sure way of keeping your loved ones safe is hiring a certified home health aide from a private home care agency. They take care of the small details that we may forget when taking care of our aging parents. As more medical facilities and nursing homes are overwhelmed with the crisis, home care has become the number one option for families not wanting to risk the possibility of contracting the virus. The one on one contact with a caregiver makes it less likely

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