Why You Should Hire a Home Care Agency and Avoid Independent Providers

It’s like us to want to be independent and not rely on anyone. I know for a fact that I’m like that. If I can find a way to avoid dealing with agency or a company for my problems, I will. However, there are certain situations where needing the extra hand is absolutely necessary. This is one of them. I couldn’t trust myself to find the right care for my loved one especially because it’s not my area expertise. Home care agencies have a bad reputation due to the magnitude of problems that are emphasized versus the countless benefits. What’s the problem then? There are a number of myths and misconceptions people have about home care support services. Commonly, most people believe that home care agencies involve theft, fraud, or abuse at the hands of a home health aide.

Criminal History

A home care agency does this for you. Additionally, they perform vigorous screenings for their home health aides before they place them in a home. If they are a training center for home health aides, they have an even better scope of how a home health aide will be due to the fact that Nursing instructors will not pass a home health aide unless they feel the home health aide reliable. Essentially, it acts as a double check-in. Home health aides are screened by the state as an additional measure. Once a home health aide is approved by the state, home care agencies use their resources and expert human resource teams to ensure that they home health aides have maintained a good stature in their field.

Search Must be Thorough

This is a must. I can’t tell you how many families tell me about their horror stories with home health aides and only to find out they interviewed one or two without really doing a background search. This is where families fall short when they search for home health aides independently. Usually, they don’t have the resources to properly screen a home health aide. Furthermore, they’ll narrow their focus to the ones that reach out. It’s not a good idea to go with only the home health aides that reach out because there are better ones usually go through an agency. This is because agencies provide insurance and stability along with a peace of mind.

Avoid Being a Victim

You want to avoid being a victim of a negative home care experience. It shouldn’t happen because I’ve seen the countless good things that home care can provide to families. Along with stability, a peace of mind, and comfort, it’s one of the most reached out services today because of how convenient it is. In most cases, people love the idea of receiving care at home. Being a victim, is tough, but it can be avoided. The best way to do this is making sure the proper research is done before committing to a decision. Home care agencies have been around for a long time. It’s because of their knowledge and expertise.

For the next time you are searching for care, try reaching out to a home care agency near you or contact us at info@eshcs.com.

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