Home Care is the Help the US Needs Right Now

Recently, I spent time researching the experience of domestic and home health aide workers who are among the most vulnerable during the pandemic. What I uncovered was the stories I stumbled on. There were stories of seniors who were unable to care for themselves. Despite their limited capacity, home health aides stepped in as a main resource for their survival. These stories are tragic when you consider what could have been if home care didn’t exist today. The nursing home were overrun by cases because they were ill-prepared for the pandemic. What this moment in history shows us is that home care is the help that the U.S needs right now.

Home Care Workers Represent Survival

For some families, home care workers represent survival. They couldn’t fathom leaving their loved ones at home alone or being at a care facility. Furthermore, for seniors and those disabled who rely on constant around-the-clock care, how could they manage with the government closings? Home Health Aide workers proved that their position is as crucial today as it was a decade ago. They’re a new resource that health care systems weren’t counting on, but were thankful to have when the situation came. Their jobs are crucial to the vulnerable. If there were homes that couldn’t receive care, the hospitals would be overrun by patients returning for care.

Hospitals utilized home care agencies as a resource for discharged patients with COVID-19 or recovering from the illness. The nursing homes that were dealing with short staffs partnered with home care agencies across the United States for the additional support to care for their patients. It was almost like they were fighting for survival and it was the home workers who came to the rescue.

2nd and 3rd Waves Will Need Support from Home Care Agencies

Nursing homes and hospitals alike are preparing for the worst-case scenario. It’s too early to tell if there will be a 2nd and 3rd wave of the Corona Virus. The best-case scenario is that a vaccine is discovered before it happens. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for the worst though. However, what I do know is that the medical teams across the United States will need support. They’ll be ready. This is where home care plays a vital role. Home care workes we’ll be the next line of defense against the virus while aiding the doctors and nurses in treating patients.

A preventative measure is the best approach. I’m confident that more households are planning for the 2nd and 3rd waves. This time they’ll consider their options like choosing a home care worker to be with their loved ones and provide them with extra care.

The US Needs All the Help it Can Get

There is no shame in it. The health care system may be top-notch, but it requires help. The nurses and doctors are outnumbered while many of them spent countless hours treating patients. The US needs all the help it can get. The additional support from the home care industry can alleviate the systems. At home care, is a top requested necessity that allows people to receive care at home.

As more families are becoming aware of their options, it’s growing in need because it gives people the flexibility to choose. The exposure level is at a minimal. It’s statistically safer for patients too. Since patients care for one-by-one in isolated locations, then it gives hospitals and medical facilities the backup they need.

What we want is for everyone to stay safe. Home care agencies are proving to be the way to do this. We’ve seen new families embrace the change and opt to have someone caring for their loved ones. If you are wondering what your next step is, consider giving us a call at 888-288-8826 today for a free consultation.

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