Is It a Dead End Job? Certified Home Health Aides Prove It’s Not.

Recently, I discovered a post written by an individual who was tired of working at dead-end jobs. When I mentioned home health aide, they had little to no idea what it was or the opportunities it presented. Their first reaction was “isn’t that a dead-end job?” I am a firm believer that sometimes jobs are a means to an end. However, for those searching for advancing careers, a certified home health aide is like the perfect gateway to better opportunities.

Is it a dead end job? Certified home health aides prove it’s not. This how you can make the best out of your situation

Certified Home Health Aides Earn a Better Salary than Retail Workers

There are more retail stores opting for automated systems and self-check out areas. In a couple years, most retail workers will be replaced with automated systems to reduce cost. Retail stores have seasonal environments where your job isn’t guaranteed. Home Health Aides are needed yearly. Furthermore, certified home health aides, on an hourly rate, earn more than retail workers. This is an added bonus especially for those who want to start somewhere. For instance, hospice home health aides earn between $15-$17/hr which isn’t bad!

Flexible Schedules = More Time for Education

Do you have time to improve your education? Are you looking to improve your skills? Certified Home Health Aides have flexible schedules which give them the opportunity to pursue other educational advancements. It’s the best of both worlds. While working and earning a living, home health aides take advantage of the educational opportunities there are available to them. I’ve met home health aides who earned their nursing degree and elevated their careers.

Agencies Offer Tuition Reimbursement and Training Incentives for Career Growth

Home Care agencies offer tuition reimbursement and training incentives for their workers. It’s a hidden gem in the medical world. It’s one of the many reasons why, when someone discovers the truth about home health aide, they immediately jump for it. The home health aide position gives you good customer service experience, sharpens your skills, yet agencies like to promote within their companies. The tuition reimbursement is an impressive way to pursue other educational advancements and skill improving goals.

It’s something to think about.

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