It’s Not Enough to Say Thank You. Remembering National Nurses Day.

There is a cliche saying that I’ve seen throughout the internet. Is there a way to thank our nurses? I paused for a moment today. I thought about how many nurses are out there trying to save lives. They are selfless and sometimes forgotten. In reality, without health, we have nothing. This is how valuable nurses are. Could we get through the COVID-19 Crisis without them? The truth is no. We wouldn’t. They take the challenge head on and don’t look back. Their bravery is commendable.

After the COVID-19, I think more people witnessed firsthand what nurses go through on a daily basis. It’s difficult to imagine that these medical staffers work around the clock to save their lives for others. I don’t think thank you is enough. I wish there was more to showcase our gratitude. Nevertheless, this was my failed attempt at giving them the recognition they deserve.

I think about the moments I am going through a tough time or that I can’t go forward. I used nurses as a motivation to keep going and striving for better. When I am tired, I continue because it’s what I need to do. With that being said, we want to showcase our undying appreciation and gratitude to the nurses battling on the front lines. Genuinely, I believe that you deserve more than a thank you.

We at E & S wish you the best and hope many good things come to you.

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