5 Common Questions to Ask Your Home Care Agency During the COVID-19 Crisis

I can understand the worry that there is during the COVID-19 crisis to keep your loved one’s safe. We can all agree that the last thing we want is to put our loved ones in danger. This is why I decided to compile a list of five common questions to ask your home care agency before committing to receiving care from a home health aide.

How does your Home Care Agency handle a problem?

This is a good question to ask. In the world of home health aides, not all home care agencies are created equally or understand the importance of good customer service. This question will give you a good understanding on how well a home care agency will handle a problem if you have one. It’s smart to be prepared for what may come. A solid home care agency will be able to give you a plan of action.

Is there screening in place?

There are screening processes in place that give a foundation on how safe the home health aide before hiring them. It’s a strict process. Home care agencies have developed a screening system to ensure their home health aides are not sick or have come in contact with the virus. This is another question you should take into consideration when going to a home care agency for caregiver services. You want to ensure that the home care agency did its homework and hired the right candidate to bring to your home.

Have you had any recent incidents? If so, how did you handle it?

It’s better to be safer than sorry. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, many nursing homes were ill-prepared to care for their patients. Unfortunately, many families were devastated by the crisis. A home care agency will be able to give you specifics on whether or not they had a recent incident and how they handled it. You can make a decision on how ready they are for your the care of your loved one.

Do your home health aides wear protective equipment?

Home health aides usually have their protective equipment ready. It’s why home care agencies are among the safest ways to receive care for a patient today. However, good home care agencies will have extra supplies on hand to assist their caregivers with the supplies they made need if they go to a home. For this reason, you should definitely ask this question on how the home care agency plans to protect the home health aide and your home.

Do you offer 24/7 assistance in case something goes wrong?

The fifth question to consider is how secure the home care agency is. Unfortunately, there are situations that happen around-the-clock and sometimes out of our control. Does the home care agency you contracted have a quick response team? If you have a situation at midnight, would there be someone to help you? The most dependable home care agencies are available around the clock with no excuses.

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