How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

The aging process is a beautiful thing. It has its advantages including enjoying a post-retirement. It is the dream for seniors. For seniors, your focus can be on your family and your life’s pursuits. Seniors look forward to their retirement because of the new freedom they’ll experience.

However, as we age, changes occur in our physical bodies and our cognitive abilities. Suddenly, a house that was once safe can be dangerous. Before you begin your journey to enjoy your retirement, it is never a bad thing to have your home evaluated for safety.

It is not a thing many families think about. This is why it’s important to consider being pro-active and avoiding a situation before an accident occurs. Normally, families are blinded by the challenges that seniors may face.

Geriatric doctors recommend ensuring that homes can be traveled in without the hassle. There should be emergency protocols put in place. For example, seniors having access to a fall detector can get them access to emergency care immediately.

These are helpful tips that will make your home senior friendly:

  1. Make the bathroom more accessible
  2. Improve lighting
  3. Purchase safety devices like smoke detectors, fall detection devices, and carbon monoxide detectors
  4. Avoid cluttering the home with potted plants, laundry baskets, or newspapers
  5. Ensure there are railings on the stairway that are secure
  6. Having a caregiver or a home health aide present during times of need

The reality is accidents happen. There is no guarantee in this life. This doesn’t mean we should avoid being prepared. These helpful tips can make retirement more enjoyable for families without the worries that can come up later.

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