Should You Consider Placing a Loved One in a Home?

Families ask this question often. There are times where we want the best for our loved ones. We had a daughter whose mother turned 64 and suffered with Alzheimer at sixty four. The situation wasn’t ideal for her anymore. Despite her best attempt to care for her mother, the daughter could no longer handle her mother’s erratic behavior. She thought it would be in her best interest to be placed in a home where she could have stability, routine, safety, and activities.

However, the mother did not want to be placed in a home and preferred to have care at home. Unfortunately, this is a common situation among Alzheimer patients and their loved ones. Nevertheless, we understand it is not easy. It is a conflicting situation. In one hand, a family member wants to give their loved one the best care possible. On the other hand, they may not understand or have the patience to handle situations that require more attention. If you add work, kids, and more, it can be overwhelming.

Should you consider placing a loved one in a home? It depends really. It depends on several factors including finances, culture, and sometimes what the patient wants. My opinion though is that you should consider the option of getting the best of both worlds. Consult with your doctor as well. The best feedback will be the feedback of professionals.

Coincidentally, a personalized caregiver or a home health aide acts as a specialist who can provide the right care plan for the patient. A team of professionals help guide the patient through a speedy recover and a comfortable lifestyle. Home Health Aides provide companionship, safety, routine, and the best part is that families don’t need to feel guilty for leaving their loved one at a nursing home. Essentially, it takes the responsibility off your shoulders.

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