What is a Good Rate to Pay for a Senior Caregiver?

This is a question that we receive on a number of occasions. Families opt to choose a personal caregiver. While we advise they should go with a home care agency, it is important they understand their options. For families picking home care services for the first time, the rate you should pay for a good home health aide depends on the experience.

There is no question that home care services are a growing service. Demand is higher than ever before.

There are caregivers who will charge more for their services. Normally, families are advised to go with a home care agency. Home care agencies provide affordable prices. Additionally, they are more secure including cover any liability problems that may arise. Home Health Aides should be certified and have state requirements.

Experience and Skills Require Higher Rates

A choice for what type of skills you need is important. A home attendant that has been in the field of the years will require a higher rate.

However, if you prefer to hire your own caregiver, the typical rate ranges from $20 to $25. The hourly salaries are more depending on education. The more experience and certifications a home health aide the more they tend to charge per hour.

The Tasks Matter

The level of care you are looking for is important too. Do you want companion or a care provider who can bathe, feed, transport to appointments, etc.

Companion caregivers can be charged anywhere from $10-$15 per hour. Nevertheless, the amount you pay should make sense to your family.

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