Home Care Deserves Respect Among the General Public

Home care is one of the industry-leading health care advocates in the United States. Despite the popularity among people, some individuals are reluctant to give the field the respect it deserves.

The main reason is due to the lack of information and understanding of what home care providers do. Additionally, it is to my understanding that many people truly don’t understand the industry and what goes into making it work.

44 Million People Need Home Care

It is a need. A decade ago the aging population was educated on receiving their care at a hospital or a medical facility. As the world becomes more modern, the human needs of comfort, health, and support have not changed.

According to Forbes, there are 44 million people who receive direct care at home. In other words, they prefer to receive care at home versus going to a nursing home or a hospital. Furthermore, it has been proven time and time again that seniors benefit from the psychological benefits of staying at home.

The Biggest Misconception is How Home Care Works

First and foremost, the biggest misconception is how home care works. The truth is not many people know how home care works. It is not their fault though. A big emphasis has not been placed on educating the public on their health care options.

After conducting face to face interviews with clients, the biggest problem concern was the legitimacy of the environment. What this indicates is that home care providers are considered “low-wage” workers. This couldn’t be further than the truth.

Home Health Aides are skilled professionals trained to do their service. These skilled workers are monitored and supervised by Nurses that are well equipped to handle the medical field.

In most instances, home care agencies are required to be accredited. For instance, in the state of New Jersey, agencies must undergo state inspections.

Yearly, home care agencies go through a rigorous screening process to ensure their doors stay open. They follow HIPAA regulations

Sincerely, home care is becoming a vital component of overall health care. There is no substitute for the growing demand. With millions of articles produced about this subject, it is no wonder that help at home is a need by many. It deserves respect.

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