How to Recruit Compassionate Home Health Aides Part I

What is the secret to recruiting home health aides? How do you find more in a growing market? This is a great question. Honestly, it can seem hopeless.

For many agencies, it is a story as old as time. This includes the minimum wage crisis, the lack of commitment, or the scarce resource of home health aides in general. They are out there! Personally, there are a good number of committed, valuable, and compassionate home health aides that will go out of their way to help someone.

The truth is finding home health aides is a necessity. Our caregivers assist patients. They are the heart and soul of the home care industry. In other words, they are the life support to the home care industry.

With that being said, how do we find them? How do we find the caregivers that provide the irreplaceable care that our loved ones need? If you are a start-up home care agency, this information can help you get started.

Where Do You Start Recruiting Home Health Aides?

The hardest part about finding home health aides is starting. The marketing scene is filled with options. However, after successfully finding and recruiting home health aides, these are tools I’ve used.

The recruitment process can be a hassle and overwhelmingly complex if not simplified. Nevertheless, here are a couple of places you can start. As a new home care agency or a start-up, the best options are to concentrate on strategies that won’t break the bank.

I will start with the digital scene.

Digital Home Health Aide Recruitment Tools

  1. Facebook Jobs A majority of people use Facebook. Despite its rough history, be confident in knowing that millions of people continue to use Facebook jobs. The best part is Facebook jobs is completely free. You can target your specific location to find home health aides in your area.
  2. Facebook Groups – The incredible power of Facebook groups! There are thousands of classified groups that target individuals searching for employment. What you need is to join as many as possible. Then post once or twice a week to these groups to find potential hires.
  3. Indeed I recommend only using the free job listings. For paid recruitment, Indeed takes a portion. The key to Indeed recruiting is focusing on keywords, making your company stand out, and ensuring that your titles are straight to the point.
  4. LinkedIn – Similarly, to resumes, Home Health Aides are increasingly showing up on LinkedIn. It’s an incredible social media platform for career seekers. Honestly, LinkedIn is a great tool to use for filtering the right candidates, especially for your target audience.
  5. Merlin This is the best-kept secret right now. Merlin is an exceptional website to recruit and search for potential home health aides.
  6. Google My Business – If you have not created a Google My Business account, this is recommended. The reason Google My Business is an incredible tool for hiring is that it is Google. There is no better tool than Google at this current moment. Daily, you can post and share your content. When people search for your company or use keywords to find you, your company will show highlights of what you’re offering including employment
  7. Craigslist Paid Job Listings It is the local listings that make Craigslist job listings a gold mine for recruits. Furthermore, people see Craigslist as the go-to location for local job searches. With a small payment of $25-$50, you can have a featured listing on their site. It works wonders.

Traditional Home Health Aide Recruitment Tools

The digital scene is great. For agencies that prefer traditional recruitment, here are some tips on where to start.

  1. Bulletin Board Flyers for Hiring – Local grocery shops, town halls, and smaller shops offer bulletin boards to the communities. For hiring home health aides, consider posting hiring flyers.
  2. Local Job Fairs – This is one of my favorite. Local job fairs are hosted by community leaders. Normally, fairs like this get a lot of attention, especially from government programs. Along with the eager job seekers, look for partnerships.
  3. College Fairs – Believe it or not, college students like options. Colleges and Universities thrive on employers being able to hire their students. There are college students who have their home health aide license or are eager to find a career path. The minute they see a home care agency they flock to the table. Health is a growing field.
  4. Pay-for-Classes – A good recruitment tool is offering to pay for Certified Home Health Aide training. This places your agency as a priority. Home Health Aides love the opportunity of finding free home health care classes. The future is focused on companies that can pay career advancement opportunities to their employees.
  5. Email Lists – Depending on the state, some states provide home health aide lists to the public for reference purposes. You can use a tool like Smore to create beautiful email campaigns that will attract home health aides to apply with you. Email your job needs at least once a week.

The hardest part is starting! Coincidentally, if you are eager, you’ll find a way to make it work. The idea of recruitment is to search for cost-effective ways to spread your employment needs. Consistency is the key. Once your recruitment methods are consistent, stick to them. You’ll be surprised by the outcome.

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